Keep Kids and Pets Safe – Garage Door Safety!

Keep Kids and Pets Safe

Summertime means days filled with outdoor fun! Kids love to play in the yard and on the driveway. As they move in and out of the house and play around in the garage, make sure they are safe! It’s a great time to have a talk with them about safe practices around garage doors for kids and pets! Let’s take a look at some timely garage door safety tips you can apply to your garage to keep everyone safe. Don’t Throw Toys or Balls Around When the Garage Door is in Motion Let them know that when they see the

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Convert Your Garage to a Summer Garage Party Room!

Convert Your Garage to a Summer Party Room

It’s summertime, and after a long, isolated spring, people are ready to start socializing. Most folks are taking it slow, and we won’t see huge crowds without observing social distancing.  Now is the perfect time to consider finding extra living space, or party space, in your home. Why not convert your garage to a garage party room… space where you can entertain and have people over? Let’s take a look at what’s involved in the garage party room conversion. Organize, Clear the Clutter, and Deep Clean Your Garage Unless you’ve seriously buried your garage, this should be a weekend job.

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Your New Man Cave!

Your New Man Cave

You already spend time in the garage. Let’s make it official and turn it into a Man Cave! In this article, we’ll show you how easy it is to take your garage and turn it into a living space that you can relax and have fun in! First Things First – Clearing and Deep Cleaning! Using three boxes, labeled Sell, Keep, and Toss, sort the contents of your garage and see what you can find to get rid of. Then, starting from the ceiling, give everything a good cleaning…ceiling, walls, and floor. PRO TIP – Get Some Help Deep Cleaning

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Easy Ways to Install Garage Door Insulation for the Summer

Easy Ways to Insulate Your Garage for the Summer

As Summer approaches and the warm weather can make your garage feel like a furnace. Let’s take a minute and look at one of the easiest DIY projects around… installing garage door insulation! It will cost you around $200 if you’re insulating two garage doors. Adding insulation can turn your garage into usable space, and make it easier to tolerate during seasons of extreme weather. What Types of Insulation Can You Use on Garage Doors? Foam Board Insulation – Panels Made from polystyrene will yield high insulating value, and don’t have to be especially thick. You can use panels from

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Maintenance to Prolong the Life of Your Garage Door

Prolonging the Lifespan of Your Garage Door

How long can you expect your garage door to last before you have to replace it? Most professionals will tell you that it will last between fifteen and thirty years. That’s a difference of fifteen years. One thing that makes a big difference is how often the garage door is used. Another factor that affects the lifespan of your garage door is how often you perform simple maintenance on it. Let’s take a look at some of the regular maintenance you can do or should call a professional to do, to make your garage door last longer. Clean Your Garage

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Flipping Houses? Optimize Your Property Value!

Flipping Houses Optimize Your Property Value

As the trend for flipping houses grows in Maryland, there is more competition. How can you make your property stand out? Did you know that doing exterior improvements can actually make more of a difference than interior remodels? Weigh Your Investments When Flipping Houses It’s essential to consider your ROI on all improvements that you make to the house. Some investments you make on enhancements will be worth the money, and some will cost you more than you recoup in the sale. Investing in the curb appeal of the property is a safe bet! You can’t go wrong by fixing

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6 Tips to Tighten Your Garage Security

6 Tips to Keep Your Garage Secure from Intruders

What do you keep in your garage? Can you afford to lose it? For many of us, your garage door is the largest entryway into your home, and the easiest way to gain entry. How’s your garage security? Let’s look at six ways you can guard against a breach of security through your garage. 1. Secure Your Remote It’s common practice to leave your garage door remote in your car… often on the visor. When someone breaks into your vehicle, they have access to your entire home if they have your garage door opener. Keep it in your purse, briefcase,

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Five Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your Garage!


Do you have unwanted guests living in your garage? When it’s cold outside, bugs and other animals look for someplace a little cozier than the out of doors. Whether they are causing damage or just hanging out, the situation is less than ideal. Let’s look at some ways you can discourage and prevent unwanted tenants this winter. Eliminate garage pests! Clean Your Garage and Declutter – Get Rid of Cozy Garage Pest Areas Pests love to see that you are messy and unorganized. Prevent clutter from accumulating in your garage. The more places there are to build a home, the

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Garage Door Inspection Before Traveling for the Holidays


As you return from your holiday trip, you’re glad to finally get home. You push the remote for your garage door, and nothing happens. As you push it repeatedly, you find yourself thinking, “You know, it was acting a little funny before we left… I should have had it serviced.” You replace the batteries… still nothing! You’re frustrated when you should be celebrating. Get a garage door inspection before your travel this holiday season! Don’t Let Garage Door Problems Happen to You! It doesn’t matter where you’re going… even if it’s just over the river and through the woods. Today

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How to Choose the Best Garage Door Opener

how to chose the best garage door opener

How to Choose the Best Garage Door Opener Most folks have no idea what they are looking for in a new garage door opener. Sure, they want something reliable and a product that delivers long-term value. With all the options available, how do you sort through the choices and find what fulfills your needs? Here are some pointers on how to choose the best garage door opener. Drive Options There are three types of power drives to consider in choosing a new garage door opener. Chain Drive — This choice is the least expensive and most durable. But it is the

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Common Garage Door Problems in Winter

common cold weather garage door problems in winter

Common Garage Door Problems in Winter There is some of us who love the colder temperatures, and some who dread the winter. Just like our bones creak and bodies might move a little slower during these months, your garage door may also seem a little finicky in the cold weather. We have a list of common garage door problems, some that are a simple fix, others that require professional help. Check out this guide for tips to survive any garage door problems in winter. Garage Door Opener Malfunctioning Unfortunately, cold temperatures can hinder the performance of your garage door opener’s

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Winter Garage Door Opener Repair in Gambrills Maryland

garage door opener repair Bowie maryland

Winter Garage Door Opener Repair in Gambrills Maryland Winter is here! We have already experienced a fair share of snow and freezing temperatures. And along with it, many service calls. Customers are reporting that their garage doors have been finicky or don’t seem to want to work at all! That was the case with this winter garage door opener repair in Gambrills, Maryland. There are specific seasonal garage door issues during the winter. Therefore, resulting in garage doors that seem stuck as the temperatures fall. These homeowners awoke on a frosty morning only to discover that their door would not

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Advantages of Hiring Professional Garage Door Services vs. DIY Garage Door Repairs

professional garage door services

Advantages of Hiring Professional Garage Door Services vs. DIY Garage Door Repairs Sure, we get it. You are handy around the house and are mechanically inclined. You love DIY projects and have completed some challenging tasks. However, there is one job you should leave to the pros — garage door repairs. Often the problem may become more significant than initially anticipated, or could even pose a serious safety issue. There are many advantages of hiring professional garage door services VS. DIY garage door repairs. Save Precious Time and MoneyIf you ask just about anyone, they will tell you, besides family,

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