Garage Door Alignment – Helpful TipsIf your garage door is crooked or struggles to open and close, it might need Garage Door Alignment. An out-of-alignment garage door can be dangerous. It could ultimately fall off the tracks and injure someone or fall on a vehicle causing significant damage. A garage door that does not open and close completely can leave you vulnerable to burglars. Rather than deal with a myriad of possible scenarios, take steps to keep your garage door in prime working condition.

A dedicated DIY person may be able to take care of a garage door alignment. If you’re more comfortable leaving this job to a professional, call Door Tech. We’ll fix your garage door alignment, so you can relax knowing a licensed contractor is taking care of the job.

Keep reading for some helpful tips for your garage door alignment.

A Gap Under Your Garage Door

If you have a gap under your garage door, it may be an inconvenience, or it could represent a security concern. It might be a sign you need a garage door alignment. If your garage door works well otherwise, you may need to adjust track bolts or the cable.

With the garage door closed, utilize a wrench to loosen the track bolts and shift them until the door settles to the ground evenly. Then re-tighten the bolts and open/close the door.

If the door still isn’t aligned, adjust the cable so it is a bit looser, allowing the door to reach the ground. To do this, you will want to prop the door open with a ladder or table to release the tension on the cable. Loosen the cable and adjust it to give more length. Re-tighten the bolts and retry opening and closing the door.

The Garage Door Doesn’t Close Evenly- Garage Door Alignment

If the garage door doesn’t close evenly, take the weight off the springs by placing a ladder or table under a half-opened door. This allows you to safely inspect the door without it falling or closing on you.

Inspect the tension of the springs for signs of wear or broken springs. Do the same with the cables that lift the garage door. If you need to tighten or loosen the springs or cable, having the door propped open allows you to do so with less risk.

If you make any adjustments, adjust both sides evenly. Remove the barriers and retest the door. Don’t feel bad if this sounds like more than you want to tackle. Just call Door Tech.

I Have A Sticky Garage Door

Check the tracks for dirt and debris if you have a sticky garage door. Clean the tracks to help your garage door operate smoothly. If the track is damaged, you may be able to gently re-shape it, allowing the rollers to pass the area freely. Check the rollers for any signs of wear or damage.

Suppose rollers and the tracks are showing signs of wear and tear. In that case, Door Tech can assess the operating system and professionally advise you.

Damaged Hardware Requiring Garage Door Alignment

Damaged garage door hardware is inevitable after years of use. Door panels can be damaged when someone backs a vehicle into your garage door. Moisture and humidity can rust or warp garage door hardware. Cables, springs, and tracks won’t last forever but can be replaced when they fail.

Most people don’t think about their garage door alignment until there’s a problem. Schedule regular maintenance, and keep your garage door in top working condition.

Whether you’re a DIY diehard who would rather not deal with this job, or you feel like this is out of your league, call Door Tech. One of our professional technicians will meet with you, evaluate your issues, and advise you on your best options to get your garage door running smoothly.