Bowie Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair and Replacement in Bowie Maryland

Door Tech Garage Door Services expand throughout Maryland. We currently do garage door installations, garage door openers and all types of garage door repairs in the follow areas: Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Northern PG County (Bowie & Upper Marlboro) and Calvert County. If you don’t see your area here or aren’t sure if we provide services in your area, please call us at (410) 721-1200 and we will let you know how we can help you.


We value reliable, prompt service. You can depend on us to provide you with your estimate, and complete all work in a timely, efficient manner. From installing new doors and/or garage door openers, we are the team you need.


Like all everything, nothing lasts forever and maintenance is needed. From small to large repairs, or just diagnosing – Door Tech is here to help. Our professional service technicians can come out and help you as soon as possible.

Here are Some Quick Reads on How You Can Improve Your Garage Usage

  • Garage Door Spring Seasonal Inspection
    Garage Door Spring Seasonal Inspection
    Using the change in seasons as an indicator to do garage door maintenance helps keep you on track and your garage door working as it should. Here are the eight steps to take for your twice-yearly seasonal garage door spring inspection. Watch and Listen When your garage door works properly, it should be quiet and smooth as it moves up and down. Good indicators that something is wrong with the garage door springs are bumpy movements and scraping sounds. If you hear or see anything out of the ordinary, it could be a problem with the cables, pulleys, or springs....
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  • Don’t Ignore These Safety Problems With Your Garage Door
    Don’t Ignore These Safety Problems With Your Garage Door
    Having a working garage door is a great thing… until it isn’t. After the newness of your garage door wears off, it’s essential to pay attention to certain parts of it to catch any potential safety problems that could come up. Here are some safety problems you could find with your garage door that you shouldn’t ignore. Bent or Broken Panels Panels can become bent or broken in many ways. One of your kids might have accidentally kicked a soccer ball into the door. The weather could have caused damage, or somehow a mysterious dent just happened to appear, and...
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  • How Long Do Garage Doors Last
    How Long Do Garage Doors Last?
    Garages serve more purpose than just a place to store your car and other household items. Your garage door is an entryway into the home and provides curb appeal, adding to your property’s overall appearance. It’s essential to maintain and repair it regularly to increase your garage door’s useability and overall lifespan. You may wonder how long do garage doors last? It would be best if you considered several factors to determine the lifespan of your garage door. What is the Lifespan of a Garage Door? On average, you can expect to get between 15 and 30 years of life...
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  • The Different Types of Garage Doors
    The Different Types of Garage Doors
    The style of garage door you choose can add instant curb appeal to your home. But it also has to function with ease and withstand all the seasonal changes Maryland has to offer. Whether your style is more traditional, contemporary, modern, or something else, there’s a garage door style to...
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  • The Two Different Types of Garage Door Springs
    The Two Different Types of Garage Door Springs
    One of the most essential parts of your garage door and opener are the garage door springs. These parts raise and lower your garage door safely and efficiently every time you press the button or open/close the door. Garage door springs should be inspected regularly and replaced periodically to ensure...
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  • Rethinking Garage Organization
    Rethinking Garage Organization
    Have you looked around your garage lately? Are you thinking of making some changes? Tired of the clutter and disorganization, or that you just can’t seem to find the one thing you know you put over there, but now it’s gone? Or maybe you’re ready to convert your garage to...
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  • Garage Storage Tips for Cold Weather
    Garage Storage Tips for Cold Weather
    Before the cold weather takes hold, it’s time to get your garage ready. If you’ve been meaning to get this off your to-do list, here are some tips for improving your garage storage, just in time for the cold Maryland weather. 1. Declutter the Garage The first tip is probably...
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  • Garage door safety during the winter time
    Garage Door Safety During Winter Conditions
    How’s your garage door safety for winter? If you answered anything but “great” to that question, make your garage door safety a priority. Completing this task will ensure that your garage door functions correctly and safely to avoid any potential issues or accidents. Here are some things to consider during...
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  • Winterizing Your Garage Door
    Winterizing Your Garage Door
    You’ve cleaned the gutters, turned off the outside faucets, and brought in your outdoor furniture. Like it or not, winter is fast approaching in Maryland. As you go about winterizing your home, don’t forget about your garage door. You don’t want unwanted cold air blasting into your garage and, potentially,...
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I have used their services in two occasions, they’re phenomenal. I managed to get an appointment either the same or the following day. Great service, affordable, quick and professional. – Teddy W.

I love my new garage door! Working with Door Tech was very pleasant. They were prompt, completed the job as expected with no surprises. Affordable and very professional. – Tammy W.

I am so pleased with Door Tech. A genuinely nice person who knows his business. After Hurricane Irene a power surge knocked everything offline that wasn’t plugged into a surge protector and that includes the garage door opener.  Appointment was made promptly, adequate proof was provided to share with the insurance company. – Lisa D.

They came out to repair the garage door fast, The employee was very professional and the price was good. – Michael C.

After reading the first positive review here, I used this company to turn my carport into a garage. I am pleased with the fair price and their courteous, professional manner. The brand new garage door has been used for nearly 2 weeks now and it looks and works fantastic. – Christine J.