Garage Door SecurityGarage door security is vital for your family’s safety and property protection. Gone are the days of leaving garage doors open all day and having your front door unlocked. There’s a big difference between being cautious and being paranoid. Keeping your home secure is exercising caution and common sense. Most people have unintentionally left the garage door open once or twice. You can keep your garage door secure even if you’ve already left home. Door Tech has the solutions for your garage door security needs!

Garage Keyless Entry

Garage door openers have been around for ages. Back then, you could drive around a neighborhood and open a random garage door with your opener. Those days are gone, and far more sophisticated systems are in place for security now. Keypads allow keyless entry when you enter the correct code. If someone tries unsuccessfully to enter the code to your home multiple times, the system may alert authorities. Key fobs similar to the one to open a car are one of the many options available.

Smart Locks For Your Garage

Smart locks are heavy-duty deadbolts that automatically lock when you close the door. You can lock and unlock it with a remote control and keep your home intruder-free, day and night.

Security Cameras

Security cameras for garage door safety are not uncommon these days. You can install them at the front and rear entrances and a garage side door. You’ll have lots of options to choose from depending on your security needs. Camera options include live-streaming for 24-hour viewing.

Technology options can offer a security camera that can scramble signals to keep your data and codes safe. Apps for smartphones make staying on top of home security a breeze. Not sure if you closed the garage door when you left to run errands? No problem. Ultimately, newer security technology will deliver on the end goal of peace of mind.

Motion Sensor Outdoor Lighting

Motion sensor lighting is an excellent deterrent for thieves. The placement is essential, or the light will always go on and off. Trees blowing in the wind too close to the fixture can set off the sensors. Wind won’t set it off, but airborne debris, birds, or even giant insects can. Do you have a large bat colony living near your home? They could set it off, too. Intruders avoid well-lit entryways and areas with surveillance cameras.

Maintenance And Locks For Garage Door Security

Deadbolts have been around for a long time, and for good reason. If the power goes out, will the other components of your security function? Having a physical key to get into your house and garage has benefits. Door Tech has the experience to help you determine the best garage door securities for your needs. Call Door Tech today to take the best security measures to protect your family and property!

You also need regular maintenance on your garage door to ensure the optimal lifespan. Maintenance of an existing garage door is vital to its functionality. Inquire about a security system while scheduling regular maintenance to avoid breakdowns at the least opportune times. Door Tech will take the guesswork out of choosing the best security options for your safety and security!