Jammed Garage Door

Help My Garage Door Jammed

Nothing is more frustrating than a jammed garage door when you want to go in or out of your garage. Maybe you just got back from shopping, and the weather is terrible. You just want to get into your garage. Or, perhaps you are late for an appointment and can’t get out of your garage because the door jammed. Both situations can be stressful and frustrating. So, what can you do? Regardless of the reason, prompt attention, or repair, is necessary to prevent the problem from getting worse or reoccurring. Call Door Tech now, and we’ll send a professional technician

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Garage Door Alignment

Garage Door Alignment – Helpful Tips

If your garage door is crooked or struggles to open and close, it might need Garage Door Alignment. An out-of-alignment garage door can be dangerous. It could ultimately fall off the tracks and injure someone or fall on a vehicle causing significant damage. A garage door that does not open and close completely can leave you vulnerable to burglars. Rather than deal with a myriad of possible scenarios, take steps to keep your garage door in prime working condition. A dedicated DIY person may be able to take care of a garage door alignment. If you’re more comfortable leaving this job

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