Bowie Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair and Replacement in Bowie Maryland

Door Tech Garage Door Services expand throughout Maryland. We currently do garage door installations, garage door openers and all types of garage door repairs in the follow areas: Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Northern PG County (Bowie & Upper Marlboro) and Calvert County. If you don’t see your area here or aren’t sure if we provide services in your area, please call us at (410) 721-1200 and we will let you know how we can help you.


We value reliable, prompt service. You can depend on us to provide you with your estimate, and complete all work in a timely, efficient manner. From installing new doors and/or garage door openers, we are the team you need.


Like all everything, nothing lasts forever and maintenance is needed. From small to large repairs, or just diagnosing – Door Tech is here to help. Our professional service technicians can come out and help you as soon as possible.

Here are Some Quick Reads on How You Can Improve Your Garage Usage

  • Do You Need an Insulated Garage Door
    Do You Need an Insulated Garage Door?
    With energy costs creeping up, Maryland homeowners are trying to find ways to lower their heating and cooling bills. An attached garage that shares a common wall with the house may be an energy loss source, so that it could be an area of concern. Not sure if you have an insulated or uninsulated garage door? An uninsulated garage door is typically a single piece of wood or metal. But an insulated garage door has a front and back panel with insulating material between the panels. An insulated garage door will be much heavier than an uninsulated garage door. So,...
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  • Do You Need a Garage Door Screen Kit
    Do You Need a Garage Door Screen Kit?
    People use garages for several purposes, mainly as storage or to park their cars. But what if you’d like to get more out of your garage space by installing a garage door screen kit? Suppose the idea of turning your garage into a man cave, she shed, play area for your children, or a place for your family to hang out sounds like something you’re considering. In that case, a garage door screen kit may be the best solution. Garage door screen kits allow you to use your garage for more than storage. Your garage can become an extension of...
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  • 3 Types of Ceiling Mounted Garage Door Openers
    3 Types of Ceiling Mounted Garage Door Openers
    All ceiling-mounted garage door openers are not created equal. These overhead openers work using a motorized operating system mounted on the ceiling. They use a rail track and lift to open and close your garage door. Compared to wall mount openers, ceiling mounted ones are more reliable and cost-effective in terms of the initial purchase price and maintenance. Ceiling-mounted garage doors are typically quieter and more reliable than wall-mounted ones. Additionally, the design of this opener allows it to lift heavier doors efficiently. The different ceiling-mounted garage door openers are chain drive, screw drive, and belt drive. All three are...
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  • Pros and Cons of Repairing vs. Replacing Your Garage Door
    Pros and Cons of Repairing vs. Replacing Your Garage Door
    Most people don’t think about Repairing vs. Replacing their garage doors until something happens. Garage doors open and close around 1,500 times a year as families rush off to work, school, soccer games, and other appointments. That’s quite a workout to expect from your garage door. Over time these doors...
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  • Give Your Garage a Deep Cleaning
    Give Your Garage a Deep Cleaning
    Do you need to give your garage a deep cleaning? Almost every household garage and I’m going out on a limb here, is in desperate need of deep cleaning. Let’s face it’s a giant catch-all space for most people. Many households have so many treasures and other junk we’ll call...
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  • Oops… You Backed Into Your Garage Door!
    Oops… You Backed Into Your Garage Door!
    Oops… you’ve just let all the things on your to-do list cloud your concentration, and you’ve backed into your garage door. Your neighbors will probably get a kick out of this. You get out of your car and do the most sensible thing so far today. You decide to get...
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  • Features to Look for in Your New Garage Door
    Features to Look for in Your New Garage Door
    Maybe you’re building a new home. Or perhaps it’s time to replace your existing garage door. Whatever the reason for buying a new garage door, there are many features to consider. Your garage door is an investment that will serve your home for years to come. So, you want to...
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  • Noisy Garage Door Find Out Why
    Noisy Garage Door? Find Out Why!
    Unless you’re a teen trying to sneak out of the house late at night, it may take you a while to realize your garage door has become quite noisy. But over time, a garage door can gradually become louder as it runs. A noisy garage door may not seem like...
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  • Preparing for Your Garage Sale
    Preparing for Your Garage Sale
    When is it time for a Garage Sale? You look around your home, and all you see is all you see are Items you no longer use or need. You can barely keep up with your children outgrowing their clothing and toys. You sigh when you see all the tools...
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I have used their services in two occasions, they’re phenomenal. I managed to get an appointment either the same or the following day. Great service, affordable, quick and professional. – Teddy W.

I love my new garage door! Working with Door Tech was very pleasant. They were prompt, completed the job as expected with no surprises. Affordable and very professional. – Tammy W.

I am so pleased with Door Tech. A genuinely nice person who knows his business. After Hurricane Irene a power surge knocked everything offline that wasn’t plugged into a surge protector and that includes the garage door opener.  Appointment was made promptly, adequate proof was provided to share with the insurance company. – Lisa D.

They came out to repair the garage door fast, The employee was very professional and the price was good. – Michael C.

After reading the first positive review here, I used this company to turn my carport into a garage. I am pleased with the fair price and their courteous, professional manner. The brand new garage door has been used for nearly 2 weeks now and it looks and works fantastic. – Christine J.