Door Tech installs a wide variety of openers for all your needs. We will meet and consult with you to determine your best installation solution for a garage door opener. Door Tech can install a new opener on an existing door or replace both door and opener simultaneously. We want to ensure you have the perfect marriage between form and function.

Types of Garage Door Options

The first decision with garage door installation is which variety to choose. There are a handful of garage door options, each with its own characteristics the homeowner must consider!

Sectional garage doors are the most common sort of garage doors installed. They have horizontal panels that can be hinged collectively and move alongside a track. When open, they sit down parallel to the ceiling. These garage doors are space-saving, dependable, and available in various materials and styles. 

Roll-up garage doors have horizontal slats that roll around a drum above the opening. You regularly see those used in commercial and business settings because these garage doorways are appropriate for large openings.

Consider slide-to-the-aspect garage doors in your subsequent garage door installation. These garage doors do as their call describes and operate by sliding along a track to the side of the garage. They are less common but provide a completely unique look in your space.

Like traditional barn doors, side-hinged garage doors swing open from a hinged frame on one or both sides. These garage doors, when mounted, have a conventional design, are clean to operate, and have a traditional appearance.

The up-and-over garage doorways tilt upward and swing out concurrently. Some variations have a separate tilting mechanism, making them called “up-and-over” doors. These offer a simple layout, fewer shifting components, and easy installation.

Carriage house garage doors mimic the advent of conventional carriage house garage doors with a swing-out operation or a sectional roll-up style. With a classic aesthetic and numerous materials, they can notably beautify curb appeal.

Folding garage doorways fold vertically first and then horizontally, just like accordion-fashion garage doors. They are less commonplace for residential use. However, they’re area-saving and can be customized for larger openings.

Lastly, custom-designed garage doors cater to precise architectural or layout preferences. These can include specific substances, shapes, and finishes. 

Garage Door Opener Installation Accessibility Options

Once your garage door installation happens, you can pick your entry type. Garage door remote entry alternatives provide handy methods to open and close your garage door without bodily contact, and there are many standard alternatives!

Traditional remote controls are hand-held gadgets with buttons that, when pressed, send a signal to the garage door opener to open or near the door. They are simple, portable, and smooth to apply. A smaller version of the traditional remote is the keychain remote, which attaches to your keychain for added convenience. These are portable and convenient.

Some garage door openers have smartphone apps allowing you to access the door with your cell. App openers have remote access from everywhere with an internet connection and extra features like tracking and notifications. Additionally, integration with smart home hubs like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit permits voice control of the garage door.

A keypad entry includes a keypad mounted outside the garage door, which permits access by inputting a PIN code. This option is suitable for family members, guests, or carrier providers who do not have a remote control.

Some vehicles have built-in garage door openers that work with your garage door when programmed. This integration with the car’s capabilities offers delivered comfort. Additionally, Some garage doors have a timer-to-close feature that closes the door after a preset amount of time. Garage door openers with movement sensors can routinely open the door once they come across motion. These are handy for hands-free operation, especially while carrying objects.

When selecting a remote entry installation option, consider safety, convenience, and compatibility with your garage door opener. Ensure that any wireless or smart functions are stable to prevent unauthorized access. If you’re interested in remote access, we can offer extra controllers for households with multiple cars or multiple-button remotes for homes with more than one garage door. We provide a range of security products you can program for added protection. 

The Door Tech Experience

Our skilled technicians offer informed advice on which accessory options best supplement your opener of preference. These accessories will provide extra consolation and convenience. Our Technicians have years of change and installation revel in.  They will ensure that your garage door opener will not only be the perfect counterpart to your garage door but also be installed to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Contact Door Tech today, and we will formulate the best installation strategy for your garage door opener and its coordinating accessories. Our experienced, reliable technicians are committed to customer satisfaction and strive to provide a remarkable experience.