Garage Door InsulationGarage door insulation can change the way you look at your garage. Whether you’re getting a new garage door or want to modernize your existing one, it deserves serious consideration. Upgrading your current garage door with insulation won’t disrupt family activities for any length of time. Energy efficiency is crucial to environmental impact. Nearly every aspect of every type of construction is addressing this matter now. Door Tech is a licensed contractor with years of dedicated service under their belts. They can help you make an informed decision and provide professional installation.

Insulation Helps Minimize Dents And Dings

Insulated metal or aluminum garage doors are more robust, making them more resistant to dents and dings. Think of an uninsulated door as a piece of aluminum foil, then add cardboard behind it—big difference. Cars inadvertently hitting the garage door lightly can make a dent. Kids on bicycles who wait too long to brake can achieve the same amount of damage. Tree branches falling during heavy storms are culprits, too. Insulating a garage door adds a sturdy thickness that can help keep your garage door looking good for much longer.

Noise Reduction Benefits

Noise reduction benefits are just one of the bonuses insulation provides. Is your home located on or near a high-traffic thoroughfare? Do you like to play loud music in the garage while hanging out with friends? Garage door insulation can help keep peace in the neighborhood. You’ll find the exterior noises significantly diminished when you have an insulated door to keep the sounds out and calm inside.

Insulated Garage Door Energy Savings

Garage door insulation does an excellent job of keeping the temperature ambient. The garage stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. You can create additional recreational space with a pool table or ping pong table to enjoy year-round. A woodworking shop, craft area, extra fridge, or freezer all need a moderately temperate environment. The price of the type of insulation you choose and the use of space are important factors.

Insulation R Factors

An insulation R factor determines how much value the insulation will provide. A steel non-insulated garage door has an R=0 factor. A wooden garage door is R=2. Insulation with an R=8 value blocks 90% of the heat flow. R=12 blocks 93%, R=16 blocks 95% of the heat flow. R=20 tops it off at blocking 96%. You can see from the numbers that the temperature difference isn’t huge. You’ll still want to consider the insulation’s noise reduction and strength benefits before making your choice.

Garage Door Insulation – Professional Or DIY Job?

You might be considering tackling the garage door insulation yourself. Although it’s not incredibly complicated, you’ll have wasted time and money if you complete the job incorrectly. There are many products on the market to choose from. Some require special equipment. Properly installed garage door insulation will stay put and do its job for the door’s life. If you improperly install the product, heat, cold, and noise will still haunt you.

You can turn your garage into extra living space while reducing the risk of dents and dings. Save on heating and air conditioning bills with garage door insulation and help the environment. Call Door Tech today and start taking advantage of the benefits of insulating your garage door!