The Best Garage Door Colors for Your Garage

The Best Color for Your Garage Door

These days, your home is so much more than a place to protect you from the elements. Curb appeal is KING when it comes to making a statement with your home! Some folks are using their garage door to tell the world something about their personality and sense of style. But you may be wondering what the rules are… Should your garage door match the color of your front door? Is classic white really the best way to go? What are the most popular garage door colors? In this article, we take a look at the decision process involved in

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Keep Kids and Pets Safe – Garage Door Safety!

Keep Kids and Pets Safe

Summertime means days filled with outdoor fun! Kids love to play in the yard and on the driveway. As they move in and out of the house and play around in the garage, make sure they are safe! It’s a great time to have a talk with them about safe practices around garage doors for kids and pets! Let’s take a look at some timely garage door safety tips you can apply to your garage to keep everyone safe. Don’t Throw Toys or Balls Around When the Garage Door is in Motion Let them know that when they see the

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Convert Your Garage to a Summer Garage Party Room!

Convert Your Garage to a Summer Party Room

It’s summertime, and after a long, isolated spring, people are ready to start socializing. Most folks are taking it slow, and we won’t see huge crowds without observing social distancing.  Now is the perfect time to consider finding extra living space, or party space, in your home. Why not convert your garage to a garage party room… space where you can entertain and have people over? Let’s take a look at what’s involved in the garage party room conversion. Organize, Clear the Clutter, and Deep Clean Your Garage Unless you’ve seriously buried your garage, this should be a weekend job.

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Your New Man Cave!

Your New Man Cave

You already spend time in the garage. Let’s make it official and turn it into a Man Cave! In this article, we’ll show you how easy it is to take your garage and turn it into a living space that you can relax and have fun in! First Things First – Clearing and Deep Cleaning! Using three boxes, labeled Sell, Keep, and Toss, sort the contents of your garage and see what you can find to get rid of. Then, starting from the ceiling, give everything a good cleaning…ceiling, walls, and floor. PRO TIP – Get Some Help Deep Cleaning

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