Convert Your Garage to a Summer Party Room

It’s summertime, and after a long, isolated spring, people are ready to start socializing. Most folks are taking it slow, and we won’t see huge crowds without observing social distancing.  Now is the perfect time to consider finding extra living space, or party space, in your home. Why not convert your garage to a garage party room… space where you can entertain and have people over? Let’s take a look at what’s involved in the garage party room conversion.

Organize, Clear the Clutter, and Deep Clean Your Garage

Unless you’ve seriously buried your garage, this should be a weekend job. Use the Keep, Toss, and Sell method to sort the contents of your garage. If you need professional help with this project, hire a professional organizer to work with you, and get your stuff re-homed.

Next, give the ceiling a good cleaning. Remember to wear safety goggles. We’re going to start from the top and work our way down to a spotless garage! A broom with softer bristles will work to clear any dust, dirt, or cobwebs from the ceiling. Use a sponge mop, and work it over the ceiling in the same way you would do your floor. All you need is an excellent household cleaner and some warm water for your cleaning solution.

Use suitable cleaning gloves to do the walls. Repurpose the same soft-bristled broom that you used on the ceiling to clear dirt and debris from the walls. Use a cleaning rag in your preferred household cleaner to wash the walls down from top to bottom.

The floors will most likely need a bit more attention than the other surfaces. With your safety goggles in place, start by sweeping and vacuuming the floors. Get out the sponge mop and clean the entire floor. Use a hard-bristled broom for tough spots. If you’ve got stubborn stains on the floor, consider using a paste of flour and hydrogen peroxide. Spread it on the stain, leave it overnight, and scrape it up the next day.

What’s Your Plan for Your Summer Garage Party Room?

Now that your space is clean and clear, it’s time to get going! The options are limitless when you are planning out how to use this reclaimed space. Are you thinking…

  • Card Parties
  • Board Games
  • Pool Table
  • Teenager’s Hangout
  • She Shed
  • Man Cave
  • Grownups Retreat
  • Trivia Night
  • Band Practice

Your next step is to look at what projects you have in mind to create the right kind of mood. These projects might include painting the walls with an attractive color. Consider different treatments for the floor. On a smaller budget, consider painting the floor at a minimum. Giving your garage a whole new look will be easy to do when you upgrade your current garage light fixtures.

Bigger Projects for Your Garage Party Room Conversion

You might be wondering how you’ll deal with the high temperatures or bring more light into the space. If you’re thinking about using the room in the heat of summer, consider adding some windows, additional power outlets, extra lighting, air conditioning, garage door insulation, or even a new garage door or garage door opener. All these projects will bring beauty and comfort to your new garage party room!

Get The Help You Need With Your Garage Party Room!

We recommend that you hire professionals, especially for your more significant projects. We mentioned professional organizers above. A commercial cleaning service will help prepare the garage for changes, and you’ll want to make sure that you hire licensed and bonded electricians, plumbers, and garage door technicians. Contact us at Allied Garage Door, and we’ll get you started on your NEW PARTY ROOM!