Your New Man Cave

You already spend time in the garage. Let’s make it official and turn it into a Man Cave! In this article, we’ll show you how easy it is to take your garage and turn it into a living space that you can relax and have fun in!

First Things First – Clearing and Deep Cleaning!

Using three boxes, labeled Sell, Keep, and Toss, sort the contents of your garage and see what you can find to get rid of. Then, starting from the ceiling, give everything a good cleaning…ceiling, walls, and floor.

PRO TIP – Get Some Help Deep Cleaning the Garage!

You can hire a professional organizer to help with rehoming the contents, and a professional cleaning service can help with the deep cleaning. Like most things in life, it’s time or money… whatever works for you!

New Flooring for Your Garage Man Cave

If you like your concrete floor, more power to you! Ready for a change? You’ve got several options. If you’re on a budget, a simple coat of paint will jazz it up! Looking for something more dramatic? Are you up for a DIY job? Consider stone epoxy flooring for your garage. If comfort is what you’re going for, you can consider carpet. With the popularity of garage conversions these days, you can find companies that specialize in replacing your garage floor.

What to do with the Garage Walls?

If you’ve got the same unpainted drywall that’s been there since the garage was built, it might be time to think of something a bit nicer. Paint is the obvious answer for so many people. Remember to keep the color light. If you paint it too dark, it will feel like a dungeon or a cave. Wait a minute…

Comfort Comes First In Your Man Cave Garage

Now that you’ve got the place looking respectable, we’ve got to do something about the elements. These are more significant projects, requiring bigger budgets, but they are so worth it in the long run. Consider adding insulation to your garage door, or replacing it if it’s seen better days. You might like to bring more light in by adding a window or two. Think about a portable air conditioner for those sweltering summer months.

Light Up Your Garage Makeover

Garages are not typically known for their fashionable lighting. It’s usually a light bulb hanging from the ceiling. Just add a cool looking fixture to your light bulb, and you’ll be in business. That will be an inexpensive way to light your man cave without sacrificing style. Call the electrician if you want to add more light to the room. Remember, you can use lamps as well.

Custom Shelving in Your Garage Man Cave

If you have “stuff” leftover from your clearing and cleaning process, you’ll want to tuck it away out of sight. Add some customer shelves to your man cave, and they’ll be handy for storing tools and other garage goodies. If you’re smart, you’ll design dual purpose shelving that can be used for both garage and man cave functions.
Furniture and Accessories Complete Your Garage Makeover

Alright, now you’re almost ready to invite the fellas over to watch the game, relax, and have fun in your man cave. All you need are the furniture and accessories that personalize your space. Sports memorabilia, cool artwork, your TV, some comfortable seating, beverage fridge, game systems… go for it!
Have fun with this project, and enjoy your reclaimed living space. If you need help with changing out any aspects of your garage door during your makeover, call Door Tech in Gambrills, Maryland, and we’ll help out!