The Best Color for Your Garage Door

These days, your home is so much more than a place to protect you from the elements. Curb appeal is KING when it comes to making a statement with your home! Some folks are using their garage door to tell the world something about their personality and sense of style. But you may be wondering what the rules are… Should your garage door match the color of your front door? Is classic white really the best way to go? What are the most popular garage door colors?

In this article, we take a look at the decision process involved in picking a color for your garage door…

What is the Most Popular Color When it Comes to Garage Doors?

The votes are in, and the answer may surprise you… or not. The number one color for a garage door is classic WHITE! Many people think that it’s hard to beat the polished, clean look of a white garage door. White goes with any other color or style of home, so it takes the guesswork out of making a color selection.

Can I Get Other Colors?

Most people have a hard time going too bold on their garage door color and tend to stay pretty conservative. Other popular colors include beige, brown, gray, and sometimes black. These garage door colors will give the home a custom look, a little different than everyone else’s. You’ll get the splash of color without looking gaudy. A good rule of thumb is to choose a color that’s an earth tone… fairly neutral and not too polarizing. Think of it as you would a paint color for the interior walls when you’re selling your home. Stay neutral… bright, loud colors do not suit the taste of everyone.

Should My Garage Door Match My Front Door?

This is not a bad idea unless your front door is red or purple (or any other color that’s a bit too bold!) If you want to have the eye join the two together, you might want to choose a complementary color, one from the same family… gray/dark gray, for example. If you wish to have the two doors color-matched, it’s your decision. But, know that no rule says they have to!

I Can’t Decide… Where Can I Get Help?

One of the great things about Door Tech is that we can help you design and choose your garage door. We have so many different styles, materials, and colors available for you to choose from. Contact us today, and we’ll help you find the perfect new garage door for boosting that curb appeal!