Sealing Your Garage DoorSealing your garage door is essential for a host of reasons. If you can see sunlight peeking through the gaps at the top, sides, or bottom of your garage door, it’s time to seal your garage door. A good seal can protect the belongings you store there as well as electrical wires, insulation, and other materials small animals might want to make a home.

Do you have evidence of pesky rodents wreaking mayhem in your garage? Can you feel a slight breeze inside your garage on a blustery day when the door is closed?

If you are a capable DIY person sealing your garage may be up your alley. Keep in mind, it’s crucial that sealing your garage door is done correctly, or you’ve wasted money and time. Call Door Tech, and we’ll send out a professional to give you an estimate so you can schedule this important but pesky task that
never seems to make it to the top of your to-do list.

Do I Really Need to Seal The Garage Door?

Most people’s garages are a catch-all for outdoor sports gear, holiday decorations, large Costco purchases as well as lawn maintenance equipment. While most of these can withstand dirt, ideally, you won’t have to clean items in your garage when it’s time to use them.

Sealing your garage door will keep rodents and other unwelcome creatures from setting up house in areas of the garage you may not even notice. The crack from the deteriorated seal may not look very big, but a family of mice can easily placea welcome mat there and come and go as they please.

The air temperature won’t fluctuate much if you correctly seal the entire garage door. And there won’t be near as much dirt blowing into your garage if you have weather stripping installed.

Other Advantages To Sealing Your Garage Door

Keeping the air temperature of your garage cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter will save money on your heating or cooling bill. Every time someone opens the interior door to your home into the garage, your indoor heat or AC escapes into the garage. The airflow goes both ways. The garage air is coming
into your home, so keeping the garage sealed also has monetary benefits. Is your garage your man cave or she cave? Sealing your garage properly helps block out noise from traffic or noisy neighbors, as well as keep water out during heavy storms.

Freeze and thaw with water that has blown into your garage can do damage to the concrete slab if left too long or is too severe. It’s worth getting your garage door sealed before any minor damage occurs.

How Long Does it Last?

If you see cracks in the weather stripping of your garage door, it’s time to replace it. Most quality garage sealing products last two to three years. If the exposure isn’t on the most severe side of your home, it might last longer. A visual test is your best barometer. If it looks worn out, it is.

There are numerous products to replace the seals on the sides, top, and bottom, and if you want to go the mile, weather strip the garage door panels. Sealing your garage door will bring numerous benefits and is one of the home improvement projects that won’t kill your pocketbook even if you opt to hire a professional.

Do you want to leave this job to the pros? Call Door Tech today to ensure your garage door is sealed tight, and your prized possessions stored in your garage remain in pristine condition.