Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your Garage All Year Long

Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your Garage All Year Long


Sure you are diligent about keeping your home pest-free, but did you consider that your garage needs special attention, too? There are so many nooks and crannies critters can hide in. Additionally, even the smallest crack or hole could be an invitation for unwanted guests. Pest like field mice, raccoons, squirrels can chew up, nest and generally wreck havoc in your garage, no matter how organized you are. What’s more, insects like spiders, silverfish, and cockroaches are not only annoying but could be dangerous. Here are some useful tips on how to keep pests out of your garage all year long.

Spring Cleaning Any Time of the Year

It does not take much to attract pests into your garage. Stored pet food, old files, forgotten food dropped by a child, even garbage are all inviting. Once critters find a safe and warm place, plus a food supply they will settle right in. So, the first step is a complete cleaning out of your garage. Perhaps you did an overall last spring, but, over the summer, things got hectic. As the fall approaches and temperatures fluctuate all sorts of creatures will seek shelter. Consider once Labor day passes, this is a perfect time to give your garage a good cleaning.

  • Make sure to store pet food or birdseed in tight sealing plastic or metal containers.
  • Consider switching from cardboard boxes to Rubbermaid or metal filing cabinets.
  • Sweep up the floor and remove any crumbs of food right away.
  • Dust away any spider webs.
  • Should you run into a nest of pests or stumble upon dangerous spiders or wasps contact an exterminator.

Organize, Organize, Organize

Re-think how you use your garage. Unfortunately, many people consider it a dumping ground for unused or broken items. Imagine your garage as an extension of your house. That way, it is not super cluttered, which creates the perfect environment for hiding critters. Avoid keeping your trash cans inside as they are like a 24-hour buffet. Organize stored items like holiday decorations and tools. Many people even re-purpose the space as a work-out room, man cave or workshop, complete with climate control.

Seal Up Cracks

Pests (almost always) do not wander in through an open door.  They will find any crack or crevice to squeeze themselves through. So, once you have organized the space the next step is to patiently go through your garage and seal it up. Use foam insulation or other methods to fill in cracks around windows and in corners. Check for spaces in wood, or around your garage door. Reinforce or replace rotted wood. Make sure your garage door opens and closes completely. Consider that a field mouse only needs a space the thickness of a dime to squeeze into or that squirrels easily chew through almost any material. Furthermore, raccoons have opposable thumbs and are very clever break-in artists.

Protect Your Perimeter

Use bug sprays, powders, strips and other pest control chemicals to create a protective barrier to keep pests out. Wary about using chemicals? There are eco-friendly options and home remedies you can try. Lay traps to catch pests. There is also a variety of humane methods to deal with critters. Check the traps often, cleaning and replacing when necessary.  Still unsure? Call in a professional to assist.

Use these tips to keep pests out of your garage all year long. If you do notice any issues with your garage door contact Door Tech. Your garage door is your first line of defense for keeping unwanted visitors out of your space. Schedule your free evaluation today!