6 Other Ways to Use Your Garage

Converting your garage is a great option if you want to expand the amount of space in your house, without the stress of building an addition. These six other ways to use your garage briefly sum up the most popular alternate uses for a garage. Some conversions can be used seasonally, then switched back to a garage when you need it. Others are a much more permanent change.

1. Man Cave / Game Room

Starting with the easiest garage conversions, the Man Cave, and the Game Room. These rooms are pretty much the same; the label just depends on your target audience. All you need to convert your garage are some chairs, a sofa, an entertainment system, a rug, and a fridge or mini fridge. Once you have the basics, you can add on as much as you want from there.

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2. Home Gym

A converted garage space is a perfect option for a home gym installation. Your primary concerns going into this project will be insulation, lighting, heating, and possible wiring. If you plan to mount weight racks to the walls, you should look into getting a structural assessment of your space before proceeding. Other than that, all you’ll need to turn your garage into a home gym are, rubber mats to cover the floor, dumbbell weights, a cardio machine, a stereo system, and any other exercise equipment that you want to include in your gym!

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3. Play Space / Craft Room

Converting your garage into a play space or craft room for your kids is a great way to keep the mess out of your house. It also provides a space for them to play when the weather is bad. Especially during those Maryland summer days, when the heat is at its worst. Unlike some of the other ways to use your garage, the play space/craft room can easily convert back into a place for cars. To get your play room started, you’ll need an outdoor area rug, a couple of craft tables, your kids’ messiest toys, and fans or heaters depending on the season.

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4. Home Office

A garage is a great option if you need a place to work from home, but want to separate your work space from your living space. The first step should be to figure out what you’re looking to get out of your home office, then assess your space to see how to meet those needs You will also have to consider insulating, heating, cooling, and wiring. Some people recommend simply laying a rug over the existing floor, while other suggest wood or synthetic paneling. There are so many different ideas and tip on how to outfit your home office; it is wise to look at a few different examples before diving into this project.

5. Home Studio

This is an excellent conversion for professional artists, craftsmen, or simply weekend hobbyists, looking for a home studio space that doesn’t bring the mess indoors. The bare basics for a converting your garage into a home studio are a studio desk, storage for supplies, a staging and storing area for current projects, and adequate lighting. The amount of renovation needed for a home studio project depends on the work you will be using it for, and may require you to look into your local zoning laws, and build codes.

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6. Guest Bedroom

Converting your garage into a bedroom is a great way to give your home a property-value boost. It also gives you the option of renting out the room for some extra cash! Of the other ways to use your garage, this is one that is an actual permanent change.  Once you commit to converting the space, you won’t be able to easily switch back if you find you need that space for your car. Another this to consider is the cost and time of flipping the space. Be prepared to put at least 4-6 weeks into the project.

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