Spring Cleaning Your Garage

Spring Cleaning your Garage Featured

Don’t forget your garage when you are doing this year’s Spring Cleaning! Warmer weather brings the need to get to those gardening tools and bikes. It may even be time to put away the holiday decorations? With these space saving tips you can make the most out of the space in your garage, while possibly removing an unsightly mess.

Instead of waiting to clean out the garage last, consider doing it first. By cleaning and organizing your garage first, you can create a much more usable storage space. Opening up space in your garage will be very useful when organizing the inside of your home. Maximizing your space often means getting off of the floor and installing vertical storage.

First, there are a few ways to go about cleaning out your garage. Are you going to pull everything out and sort through it, or work it section by section. Cleaning down to the floors is best, and a great way to really tackle the problem.

Second get rid of the junk. If it hasn’t been touched since last year’s spring cleaning do you really need it? Don’t be afraid to make the tough choices. If you have a large amount of clutter that is still in good condition, considering donating to a local charity, or holding a garage sale. Time is more valuable than money, so if it is going to take allot of time to sell an item, consider reducing the price considerably. A good rule of thumb is that a used item often sells for 75% of what it costs new.

Third, identified the stuff that needs to stay and do not just pile it all back in. There are a variety of storage solutions to aid in organizing your garage.

  • We suggest using clear plastic organizing bins to store your odds and ends. Mark the bins clearly with labels making items easy to access. This is far better than using cardboard boxes which often are left to collect dust.
  • Consider mounting bicycles overhead and out of the way which frees up additional floor space. Getting things like bicycles off of the ground reduces the risk for accidental vehicle damage.
  • Get lawn and garden tools off of the ground by creating a hanging tool wall. Easy access and organization make for smoother lawn maintenance.

Fourth, check the garage itself. As part of your spring cleaning be sure and check the rollers, track, springs, and motor. Annual inspections will ensure your garage door system will last for years to come.

Door Tech Garage Door Services wishes you the best when organizing your garage this season. We hope that you have a wonderful Spring and Summer to come. If you feel that your garage door is in need of repair, maintenance or replacement please reach out at your convenience. We are happy to give your garage door a free evaluation.