Garage Door Track Repair in Davidsonville

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Garage Door Track Repair in Davidsonville

Here’s a common scenario… you are in a rush to head out the door in the morning. As you leave, you notice that the garage door seems to be acting funny and making weird noises. But, you are in a hurry and figure you’ll deal with it when you get home. However, by the time you get back you completely forget and click the door open. And, instantly there is a significant issue. This is precisely what happened to these homeowners. Their garage door came right off the track! Read on to learn more about this garage door track repair in Davidsonville.

*For safety reasons, please note*
If your garage door comes off the track, DO NOT OPERATE IT!

Call a professional for a free evaluation to see if it is safe to continue using. Luckily, that is what these homeowners did; they called Door Tech. Upon arriving at the home, our technician performed a complete inspection. Immediately, he discovered that a few of the garage door rollers were extremely worn, and one had broken entirely. Because of this issue, the stress of the weight of the door caused it to come off the tracks. It is fortunate we caught the problem somewhat early. If neglected, the extra weight could have caused even more rollers to break, or worse, bend the horizontal rails. We replaced all the rollers on the door with high- quality steel rollers with 10-ball bearings. Replacing all the rollers ensured that they would wear uniformly.

There are many reasons that your garage door could come off the tracks:

  • You hit the door with your car.
  • The horizontal tracks bend under the weight of the door, or the tracks aren’t aligned properly.
  • One of the lift cables broke.
  • One or more rollers break.

One of the ways you can help prevent these is keeping the tracks clean and the rollers lubricated. You can also periodically check to make sure the tracks are plumb. Lastly, make sure all of the bolts holding the garage door tracks are secure.

Don’t have time for garage door maintenance? You are not alone! Contact Door Tech today. Our technicians can perform yearly maintenance to ensure your garage door functions correctly all year long. Make sure to never have a problem like this garage door track repair in Davidsonville. Schedule your appointment now!