Garage door repair in Bowie, MD

Garage Door Repair in Bowie, MD

Recently, we received a call about a garage door repair in Bowie, MD. The homeowners contacted us when their door stopped functioning, and the bottom hit the ground. Upon inspection, our technician discovered that the door was off the tracks. This is a hazardous situation, requiring professional intervention. Here are some of the reasons your garage door could be off-track and things we will inspect for repairing.

Reason #1

There are many reasons your garage door could come off the tracks. One of the most common causes is accidentally hitting the door with your car. Even if you only lightly tap it. While it may not show any visible damage, that could be enough to misalign the rollers on the track and leave the door hanging on its cables.

Reason #2

Another reason your door could come off the tracks is due to the tracks bending under the weight of the door. If your door was initially installed with low-quality tracks it would cause issues over time. There are different grades of tracks that are appropriate for the various sizes and weights of doors. Ideally, tracks should be made from at least 14-gauge steel and reinforced with L-shaped angle iron.

Reason #3

When your horizontal tracks aren’t correctly aligned with the vertical rails, it could force your door to come off the tracks. Frequently, this is caused by loose bolts on the bracket securing the tracks. When they become loose, the brackets could wobble from the vibrations of the door opening and closing throwing the door off track.

Reason #4

If your garage door rollers are excessively worn, they could break without warning, knocking off the other rollers, thus making your garage door come off the track. There are many types of rollers on the market. It is essential to ensure your rollers are appropriate for your door.

Reason #5

Lastly, if your lift cable breaks it transfers all the weight of your door to one side. In such an unbalanced state the door is sure almost immediately to come off the tracks. While this is a rare occurrence, it does happen. Once again, it is vital that you have the proper cables installed for your particular door. Cables are calibrated based on their weight-bearing capacity. Regular inspections also will spot any signs of extreme wear.

Our Discovery and Repair

For this particular garage door repair in Bowie, MD, our technician determined the rollers were the cause of the issue. He replaced the worn nylon rollers with long-stem steel rollers with ten ball bearings for optimal operation and safety.

Has your garage door stopped operating? Contact the professionals at Door Tech immediately to schedule an inspection and evaluation.