Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door

Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door

Interested in adding lasting curb appeal to your home? Are you concerned about reducing heating and cooling costs? Would you like to add an extra measure of security to your home?

There are many reasons to replace your garage door. A new garage door is a sure investment that a homeowner will reap the benefits from for years to come.

Better curb appeal

Gone are the days of standard, bland garage doors. Your garage door is usually located in the very from of your home. A new door is a perfect opportunity to add curb appeal and reinforce the style of your home, which can make your home more attractive to the real estate market. There are many modern styles ranging from wood to metal and even plastic.

Reduce heating and cooling costs

If your garage is a part of the home and directly attached to a living space, or if it is being used as a workspace, you can significantly reduce your energy costs by installing an insulated garage door. It added insulation will reinforce your internal temperature, whether cool in summer or warm in the winter, consequently reducing energy usage, thus saving you money.

Home Value

Replacing your garage door can significantly increase the market value of your home. If you currently have a tired old garage door, putting up something new and modern will certainly help to impress any potential buyers. Also, buyers are always pleased if you have put up a quality low maintenance door. You only have to ask any real estate agent to know that homes always sell more quickly when the attached garage is in good shape.

Low maintenance requirements

Most modern metals doors offer a pre-finished and sealed color that resists rust and fading. These factors result in a virtually maintenance free garage door. The only upkeep will be to wash them down occasionally. Today’s wooden doors have a superior stain and seal on them, lasting far longer than ever before and require little service or repair, making the investment even more appealing.

Protected Storage

Many homeowners tend to use the garage as an added storage space for tools, holiday decorations, bikes, plus other outdoor equipment and personal belongings. If the garage lacks proper insulation and climate control, these items will suffer environmental damage from excessive temperatures. Also, if a garage door is not secure, there is a risk of damage from pests such as moths and squirrels or raccoons. A well sealed and secure garage door will protect the items you have stored in your garage.

Versatile utility

Another added benefit of a new garage door is that you can utilize the garage better. Being that the door is insulated and offers greater environmental control, it will offer a more comfortable space. You can then use the garage as a workshop or studio or play area during in climate weather.

Increased home security

One of the easiest ways for a thief to enter your home is through the garage. A new garage door that is made of modern materials is better sealed and insulated, plus securely locked, and will serve as a deterrent to thieves. Not only will a new garage door protect the items inside the garage, but it will also serve as better security against a burglar gaining access to the inside of your home. Modern door openers offer keypad access which increases security as well.

Maximized Safety

A new garage door can also help minimize the risk of personal injury. Modern garage door and opener combinations are outfitted with sensors that detect motion if someone or something is entering the garage while in operation. The sensors will make the door stop lowering and reverse direction. This safety feature will prevent any potential injury or damage. The design frequently includes a timed light that will turn on when the door opens or closes which is a benefit in dark conditions.

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