7 Tips to Winterize Your Garage Door

Tips to Winterize Your Garage Door

7 Tips to Winterize Your Garage Door

As the leaves are turning crimson, and gold and the temperatures are beginning to dip, folk in the Chesapeake region are enjoying the fall season. But, we know, in the back of our minds that winter will be upon us all too soon. While the freezing temperatures and unpredictable weather wrecks havoc on our homes, there are some preventative measures that you can take to prepare your house for the winter blast.

Pay special attention to the garage door. It is the largest entry way into your house, and could potentially be the biggest strain on your wallet. Doing so will help to insulate your home, thus decreasing your cold-weather energy costs.

Here are seven tips to winterize your garage door.

Inspect the garage door weather stripping.

Over time weatherstripping can become brittle and cracked, which allows air to seep in and cause drafts. Check around the door, and if you feel any air, you should remove the old weatherstripping and replace it.

Lubricate the metal working parts.

Routine maintenance should include regular lubrication of all working parts. Keeping your door opening and closing smoothing is even more important during the blustery winter months.

Check for bent or loose hinges.

Check all metal parts routinely, especially the door hinges. As the door lifts and lowers you need to ensure proper movement. If the hinges are bent or loose it could cause the door to buckle while operating.

Examine the springs.

Winter temperatures can be unpredictable, with sharp fluctuations up to 30 degrees. These fluctuations will cause the metal to become brittle over time. If the springs break down, they could potentially snap as your garage door is in operation, causing the door to drop, and metal to go flying. Avoid a safety risk, or damage to your door and have the springs inspected and replaced if necessary.

Insulate your garage door.

There are types of insulation that you can use on your garage door depending on the type of door you have. It is a good idea to have an expert inspect the door and install the appropriate insulation, so it does not impede the door’s operation.

Seal any gaps around the garage door.

It is important to check the frame around the garage door. Your energy saving efforts will be fruitless if there are gaps around the door.

Make sure to replace all batteries in any remote or keyless entry.

Nothing would be more frustrating than for the batteries on your garage door opener to die during a winter storm. Even if the batteries are not dead, it is a good idea to replace the batteries at the start of the season to make sure they will work all winter long.

If you have any questions about winterizing your garage door, please contact Door Tech. Our knowledgeable technicians are experienced working through the unpredictable winter weather in the Chesapeake region. We can come to your house and inspect your garage door and make the necessary adjustments to winterize your door. You will feel a difference in your garage temperature, and see a difference on your energy bill. Contact us today for a consultation.