Ways to Enjoy Your Garage This Summer

ways to use your garage this summer featured

Ways to Enjoy Your Garage This Summer

Now that Spring cleaning is over you can finally make the most of your garage. Garages can easily end up being the hottest room of the house due to poor insulation and being cut off from the main air conditioning system. If you are planning on spending a lot of time in your garage you will first want to consider adding some climate control. Last May we offered some handy tips on How to Climate Control Your Garage for the Summer and they remain a wonderful place to start.

Now that the garage’s temperature is under control, you can really start to make the most of it during the summer months. Modern garage screen doors are an economical and easy to install upgrade for your garage door. In addition to keeping pests away, these screens maintain full ventilation while maintaining your full view of the street. Once installed these screens allow for quick and easy access to and from your garage.

This can work well combined with suggestions from last year’s 6 Other Ways to Use Your Garage. Adding a full size, or mini fridge to your garage is ideal for added storage and convenience. This makes for an effortless way to cool off while working on your car, relaxing in your new garage entertainment room, taking care of summer yard work, or just relaxing outside. An extra fridge in the garage is also a convenient place for storing extra food and drinks for those Summer parties.

As the party migrates to the front, your garage can become the center of your outdoor party. This open area gives your guests a place to sit and talk with friends as the temperature drops and the stars come out. Outdoor fire pits also make for a wonderful all season addition for that next nighttime summer gathering.

A garage gym is an excellent place to work out during summer and combined with a garage screen makes for a pleasant change of pace. Moving your exercise equipment into your garage is a real space saver. Plus, you can enjoy some fresh air while running on the treadmill, or lifting weights. A garage can also make a for an impressive yoga studio for you and your friends to work on those stretches. With plenty of room to stretch out, a garage can be the best place to stay in shape during the summer months.

While upgrading your garage, take a few minutes to perform an inspection of your garage door rollers, tracks, springs and motor. Make sure that there is no excess grease on your rollers and that they are traveling through the tracks smoothly and securely. Release your door from the motor, and check to see if your springs are providing the proper amount of assistance.

With a bit of planning your garage can go from the extra storage room, to your favorite summer hangout.