7 reasons to replace your garage door featured

7 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door

Replacing your garage door is one of the easiest ways to give your home a face-lift. When you consider that your garage door accounts for 20-50% of your home’s front exterior, it makes perfect sense. If you are not driven by the pure aesthetic result, there are other significant reasons to replace your garage door. Benefits range from increased safety to energy efficiency.

Overworked Springs

The springs on your garage door are under high tension through normal operation. You may not even realize that they are in need of repair or replacing.  Don’t wait until your springs break and you are forced to get a new door. Many garage door companies will offer a free inspection and estimate.

Better Security

An old garage door that is ill fitted certainly poses a threat to your property stored in the garage. However, it may also be dangerous for everyone living in the house. An old garage door is a security risk. A significant number of home invasions and thefts occur through the garage door. Luckily, today’s doors are manufactured using virtually indestructible materials. Additionally, features such as code pad automatic openers increase security.

Energy Efficiency

You can lower your heating and cooling bills with a new insulated garage door. During times of extreme heat or cold, your savings literally seep out through your old garage door. Also, if your garage is intensely cold or hot, it can affect the temperature inside your home. Therefore, over time, an insulated garage door will pay for itself in reduced utility bills.

Increased Possibilities

Replacing your garage door allows you to create a climate-controlled space. You are now able to put your garage to practical use. You can build a workshop, or home gym, or office space. Plus, your stored items will be better protected from the elements.

Noise Reduction

An old garage door can make a tremendous amount of noise as it opens and closes. Likewise, a non-insulated door allows a lot of street noise to penetrate the house. Greatly reduce this noise pollution with a new tight-fitting, insulated model.

Increased Curb Appeal

Your garage door may be the most prominent feature of your home’s exterior. Today’s garage doors are available in a variety of styles, designs, and materials. Not only will you improve the appearance of your home, you will increase its overall value.

Less Maintenance

Modern garage doors are available in a number of maintenance free materials. You can choose designs featuring pre-finished colors or faux finishes. Many require only mild soap and water cleaning. You will never need to scrape and paint or apply a new stain finish.


Want to improve your home’s security? Value? Safety? Energy efficiency? Consider these reasons to replace your garage door. Contact Door Tech Garage Door Services today. Our knowledgeable technicians can help you through the entire process, from selection to installation!