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Should You Repair or Replace Your Garage Door?

Is your garage door making a funny sound? Does it seem heavy all of a sudden? Are the panels damaged or well worn? While there are many reasons to replace your garage door , you may be surprised to discover many issues only require repairing. Here are some tips on whether you should repair or place your garage door.


Door Suddenly Stops Working

First, check the remote batteries. You may then want to call a service technician who can diagnose the problem. Many homeowners find it difficult to troubleshoot, as there is a variety of issues that could be causing the problem. A technician understands the working of the door, opener, remotes and key pads. Save time and money and call in the professionals as soon as the issue arises.

Door Seems Heavy

A heavy door indicates that your springs have started to wear. Worn springs are unable to bearing weight as they once did. While only one spring may seem stretched, always replace both springs. That way you ensure your door is balanced.

Single Damaged Panel

Physical damage, for whatever reason, is best repaired quickly to avoid extensive damage and costly repair. Further, most dealers carry manufactured door panels. Therefore, swapping out a single panel is a simple solution. However if ignored, the problem may grow, thus compounding the issue. If you want to avoid a total replacement, address the situation as soon as it occurs.

Sagging Garage Door

Does your door appear to hang lower on one side? That is a sign of an imbalanced door. It means that your door is putting increased wear and tear on the lifting mechanism. First, check the springs. Uneven springs place stress on the lift motor.

Safety Sensors Not Functioning

As of 1993, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) ruled that all door openers manufactured on or after January 1, 1993, for sale in the United States must meet the entrapment protection requirements that are part of a Congressional mandate in the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 1990. What does this mean? The law requires that you not only have safety sensors but that they are functioning properly. If your home has a garage door installed before 1993, or if the sensor seems to be malfunctioning call a garage door service company ASAP to have your door inspected. Your family’s safety depends upon it.


Severely Damaged Panels

If more than one of your panels are loose or missing, dented or deformed, rotted or missing hinges, your door needs replacing. Ignoring the problem causes the door to sit unevenly further damaging the entire framework of the door. It also presents a security issue, as well as inviting critters and pests into your garage.

Excessive Vibration and Noise

There is a host of factors that may be contributing to a noisy, shaky garage door. You may be able to address one issue and fix the problem. However, most times problems are compounded and may dictate replacing the door. A qualified service technician will offer a thorough evaluation and present the best solution. Some of the causes he will look for include:

  • Rusty Rollers
  • Broken Springs and Cables
  • Broken or Loose Hinges
  • Uneven Side-to-Side Tension
  • Worn Shaft Bearings
  • Outdated & Unsecured Door

Older doors may not provide the best security. In less than six seconds an intruder can enter your home through your garage! Keep your family safe with an updated garage door and opener. Additionally, there are many security products you can discuss with your service technician. He can recommend what would be best for you in conjunction with your new garage door.

Exterior Home Remodel

Have you ever started a home remodel project? You know that once you start renovating, things you did not the thing needed replacing, usually end up on the list. The same holds true for when you give your home’s exterior a face-lift. You may think your garage door only needs a fresh coat of paint, only to discover a myriad of other issues. The good news is that a new garage door is worth the investment. Consider that it secures the largest opening into your home. Also, in many home designs is it a primary feature. Therefore, replacing your garage door during an exterior home remodel offers added security and increased curb appeal. These two factors alone improve your home’s resale value.


If you find yourself wondering whether you should repair or replace garage door it is best to get an expert opinion. Contact the service professionals at Door Tech Garage Door Services today. Schedule an appointment and allow is to perform a complete inspection and offer an honest solution.