Replace Garage Springs this Spring

Replace your springs this spring

Spring is the perfect time to check up on the wear and tear of your garage door, and all its parts. The garage springs are very important to keeping your door safe and functioning. The first step to knowing if you need to replace your garage door spring(s) is to learn how to identify the type of spring(s) you have in your garage.

The two main types of springs found in garage doors are Torsion and Extension springs.

  1. Torsion Spring – This spring is typical for larger garages with a door weighing between 400 – 900 lbs. These springs are located on the wall above your garage doors. It consists of one or two wound up springs. If your door is smaller than the standard size, it is possible to have only one torsion garage spring.
  2. Extension Spring – These springs are common with the standard 9×7 garage doors. The standard door size, as well as the slightly larger sizes, use two extension springs located on the rod above the door.

Once you identify the type of springs used in your garage door, check your door and each spring for these signs of wear:

  • Your garage door is stopping while opening.
  • The spring itself will look worn out, and may even show signs of separation.
  • Your garage door seems to be crooked.
  • The spring looks stretched out or gives any appearance of loss of tension.

The typical lifecycle of garage door springs is generally 10,000 cycles (1 cycle = opening and closing the door once), which usually lasts between 7 – 12 years. However, it is important to check your springs annually as this number can vary due to factors like extreme weather, a high volume of use, or considerable impact to the door.

If your garage door springs are not ready for replacement, you can increase the lifespan of your door spring by annually checking your door to make sure your garage springs and the other moving parts of your door are well lubricated. If your springs are showing signs of significant wear or have gone past the average lifespan, it is important to have your springs replaced promptly and correctly. Because the safety and consistency of your garage door functioning are dependent on the springs, it is best to hire a professional to ensure that your springs are replaced correctly.