Garage Spring Cleaning in Bowie, MD

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Garage Spring Cleaning in Bowie, MD

Garages are one of the most commonly used areas in a home. However, they are often the most cluttered. While parking is supposed to be the primary function, it seems most Americans are unable to park their cars in their garage. A good spring cleaning can clear out the clutter and organize your space. What’s more, it offers the opportunity for garage door maintenance, which ensures your home will be safe and protected from fierce summer storms. Need inspiration? Check out this garage spring cleaning in Bowie, MD, and follow these tips!

Tip #1 Formulate a Plan

It can seem overwhelming standing among piles of junk that have accumulated over the years. Create a checklist. Instead of looking at the whole picture, strategize and attend to one area at a time. Enlist the help of the entire family and assign tasks to speed up the process. Consider offsetting the tedium by listening to a fun podcast or your favorite music.

Tip #2 Declutter the Garage

Remove everything from the garage into the driveway that is not nailed to the walls. That way, you will get a clear view of all the items you have stored. Also, bringing everything out in the driveway or the yard gives you more space in which to work. Now you will have a better sense of the contents and what is worth keeping or discarding. Here is a helpful way to organize the items. Make piles according to the following categories:
• Keep
• Donate
• Recycle
• Throw Away
• Sell
Consider getting rid of things you have not used in the past 2-3 years.

Tip #3 Clean The Garage Interior

Once the garage is emptied out, open all the windows and air out the mustiness. Sweep out the floor. Dust shelves and storage containers. Use a broom to remove cobwebs and lightly sweep the walls downward. Lastly, hose out the garage floor and use a squeegee to remove excess water.
*Note* It is a good idea to wear a dust mask, especially if it has been years since you last cleaned.

Tip #4 Reorganize

Now that you have completed the difficult task of emptying your garage, and determining what is worth keeping and storing, it is time to organize! If you do not already have them, consider investing in plastic storage boxes, shelves, and cabinets. That way your items will be protected from the elements. Label all boxes, clearly, so that you will be able to find things quickly.

Tip #5 Inspect and Clean Your Garage Door Components and Opener

Now is a good time to check all the components of your garage door. Consider hiring a professional, like the homeowners in this garage spring cleaning in Bowie, MD example. Our technicians thoroughly examine the springs, rails, tracks, hinges, and pulleys, plus ensure your garage door opener is in its best shape. We look for rust, and warping and also lubricate all moving parts. The technician will then replace any parts in need of repair. That way, you can be confident your garage door will function appropriately in the worst weather conditions.

Tip #6 Clean and Inspect Your Garage Door

During your professional inspection make sure the technician also looks at your garage door. He will check for signs of wood rot or warping. All rubber seals will be inspected for signs of deterioration. Further, he will examine the hinges and rollers to ensure everything is rust free and moves with ease.

The homeowners who completed this garage spring cleaning in Bowie, MD contacted Door Tech once they finished decluttering. Our technicians completely inspected the entire garage door system. Everything looked great, except for the springs. Since replacing them is a dangerous task, we completed this task for the homeowners, safely, and in as little as a couple of hours.

This year when you are spring cleaning your garage don’t forget to make sure your garage door system is in its best shape. Contact Door Tech today to schedule an evaluation!