How to create your own private she shed!

How to Convert Your Garage Into a She Shed

We have all heard about the “Man Cave.” But what about the She Shed? This is a trend that is here to stay! Have you always wanted a space for your very own? Or, are you trying to create the perfect at-home escape for the special woman in your life? If so, we have some great step by step ideas on how to convert your garage into a she shed. From simple to complicated, some ideas work for any budget!

1. Define the Purpose

The first step in creating the perfect she shed is to define its purpose. Is it a girlfriend’s retreat? Do you like painting or gardening? Are you interested in a quiet place for reading, yoga, and meditation? Before your start, take the time to sit and jot down all the reason/uses for your unique space. Then, this will give you the direction for how you will decorate and furnish your she shed.

2. Refurbish the Box

Are your garage walls finished? Meaning, do the walls have sheetrock or are the pipes and wires exposed? Or, is your garage constructed of cinderblock? If so, we suggest you start by addressing the four walls, the ceiling, and the floor, thus creating the ideal box with which to start. Hang drywall, paint the walls, install outlet and light switch covers. Hang a cute light fixture. Give the floor a good scrubbing. Make sure your garage door is in good shape. Consider this like a blank canvas for which you can create your masterpiece!

3. Furnish Your Space

This where your project gets fun! Depending upon your defined purpose, gather items to furnish your space. For a garden center, get counters and cabinets to organize plants and pots and gardening tools. Or for a girlfriend’s retreat, consider plush couches, set up a bar, lay down a super cute rug. When building a personal retreat, find a comfy chair, set up your yoga mat and meditation cushion, and create your devotional altar.

4. Decorate According to Your Style

Lastly, add your personal touches to make the space truly your own. Choose photos for the wall that bring you joy. Hang window treatments. Consider using plants as an inexpensive way to decorate and improve indoor air quality. Then, add candles, knickknacks, keepsakes, anything to create a sense of happiness the moment you enter.

Door Tech Can Help

If you are considering converting your garage into a she shed, you need to make sure your garage door is in good shape. Door Tech Garage Door Services can help. Allow us to ensure your garage door is well insulated and secure. Contact us today for a consultation!