Transform Your Garage Into a Man Cave

Mancaves have been popular for many years now, and the trend only seems destined to grow. Have you been dreaming of creating a space of your own? An area you can decorate as you please? A retreat where you and your buddies can hang out and watch the game? Didn’t think you had the room in your house or the money? Think again! You can easily transform your garage into a mancave. And depending upon your budget, you can keep it as simple or elaborate as you like. Still not convinced? Check out these tips and steps — honestly in almost no time at all you could have your little slice of heaven.

Clean And Organize the Space

The garage is usually a dumping ground for all that stuff we do not know what to do with. From bicycles and holiday decorations to old tax records and car equipment, there seems to be no end to the items stored there. The first step in creating a mancave is starting with a blank canvas. So, that means organizing, purging, and re-storing everything in the garage. Consider putting some things on eBay or have a garage sale and you could raise money toward your man cave. have too much junk and too little time? Hire a company to do this step for you!

Climate Control

You want to make sure you are always comfy, whether it is 30 or 90 degrees. The first step in climate control proper insulation. Once again, according to your budget, this could be a great DIY step. Next, install heating and airconditioning. Depending upon your garage, this could easily be accomplished with a window or wall unit. Make sure to by the appropriate size to take care of your square footage. That way you can save money on energy costs.

The Walls

Let’s assume the walls in your garage already have drywall. The next step is a fresh coat of paint. The colors you chose can serve as a backdrop or as a statement. Pay special attention to trim around doors and windows and baseboards, giving your mancave a finished and polished look.


Most garage lighting is functional, consisting of a single fixture installed in the middle of the room. Depending upon your budget, you can install additional lighting such as recessed, pendants, sconces, etc. Unless you are a trained pro, this is a great time to hire an electrician. Not in the budget? Use lamps. There is a wide variety of floor lamps and table lamps that provide illumination, mood, and reinforce your design.


A concrete floor is functional. However, unless you are going for an industrial vibe, you may want to consider flooring, area rugs, or carpeting. Additionally, these flooring options may help with climate control as well as sound insulation.


If you are spending the time and money to renovate your garage, you should update your protection. If you are displaying valuable memorabilia or installing a new television, you need to protect your assets. Consider installing a keypad entry and/or smart security system. Upgrade your garage door. Install a new lock on any entry doors.

Decorating and Furniture

This is where it gets fun. There are no limits! Install a corner bar with a kegerator. If that is not in the budget, purchase a mini-fridge for convenience! Include a pool or ping pong table, Fussball, dartboards, gaming center, or whatever activities you love. Don’t forget about comfortable seating, and making sure there is enough for you and your friends. Hang fun artwork. Lastly, don’t forget about window treatments such as blinds or curtains.

You Got This!

Follow these easy steps to transform your garage into a man cave this season. It is an ideal place to escape the daily grind, unwind, and renew. Door Tech Garage Door Services can help by installing your new garage door, and keyless entry pad. Contact us today, and let’s create your perfect man cave!