Do You Have a Hurricane-Proof Garage Door?

The Atlantic Hurricane Season typically lasts from June 1st to November 30th. When the forecast calls for an impending storm, homeowners usually take steps to ensure their house remains safe. Did you know that as little as one inch of floodwater can cause almost $10000 worth of damage to your home? Broken garage doors can easily let in that much and more! The Federal Emergency Management Agency attributes lost garage doors as one of the major contributing factors to significant hurricane-related losses. Luckily there are steps you can take to create a virtually hurricane-proof garage door.

Upgrade to Hurricane-Proof or Wind-Resistant Garage Doors

There may be many signs that you need a new garage door. Furthermore, in hurricane-prone areas, local codes may require your door to withstand up 130-150 mph winds. When shopping for a new doors, consider the following two grades: impact resistance and wind resistance. Impact-resistant garage doors are constructed with a steel or fiberglass veneer. They are designed to withstand the force of objects hurled against them. Wind resistant doors feature an extra-strong steel track system and twist-resistant framework. Make sure you check the manufacturer’s specifications for wind-resistance and purchase a door within your local building codes.

Install Garage Door Bracing Kits

If your door is in good shape, but you want to reinforce it for the forecasted storm, install a door bracing kit. This is the surest way to prevent your garage door from failing during hurricane-force winds. A hurricane-resistant retrofit kit for garage doors includes braces and hardware and costs about $500 for a double garage door. While you can install the braces yourself, it may be best to allow a professional install it for you.

Consider Your Tracks

It will do you no good to upgrade your garage door or install a door bracing kit if your tracks are flimsy and weak. First, be sure that the track of your garage door is at least 14-gauge weight. Not sure how to tell? Check your owner’s manual or look for indicator markings or labels. Next, check the screws in the entire track. They must be securely mounted at all screw locations. Consider replacing loose screws with a longer size.

Trust the Pros

Not sure if your garage door can withstand a hurricane? Don’t have the time to shop and install a brace? Do you need a garage door upgrade? Contact Door Tech Garage Door Services. We can manage all your needs. This season, be ready with a hurricane-proof garage door and protect your home and family.