Hurricane proof garage door

Is Your Garage Door Hurricane Ready?

Wind-Proof Garage Doors

Your garage door spans up to 30 percent of the facade of your home. Because it is so large, it leaves quite a bit of surface space vulnerable during a powerful windstorm. Pressure from hurricane activity can cause garage doors to detach from their tracks or even collapse. Therefore causing your door to fail and opening up your home to devastating, even life-threatening winds. Should this happen extreme pressure could cause other windows and doors to blow out, or, your siding and roof to blow off. However, transforming your garage door to ensure proper wind-rating does not mean you have to sacrifice design or curb appeal. If you are now wondering, is my garage door hurricane ready? Will it withstand Mother Nature’s fury? Read on for some beneficial information.

The Technicalities Explained

What does it mean for a garage door to be Hurricane Rated? Wind Rated and Impact Rated? The terms could be confusing, but we are going to break it down succinctly. First, both terms are interchangeable to the general public. Although, Wind-Rated is the actual industry term, and refers to whether the door can withstand specific wind MPH rankings. Certain wind rankings are also required within particular areas for your home to be current with local and legal building codes. Furthermore, some insurance companies may not only dictate a wind ranking but will also reduce your monthly insurance bill should you comply.

Manufacturer Ratings

There are a few key points to look for when researching wind rankings for garage doors. The manufacturers will list the maximum resistance your door could withstand. They use both Wind Rating and Impact Rating specifications. For instance:

Wind Ratings clearly state whether your door could withstand 140, 150, or 160 MPH and so on.
Whereas Impact Ratings are a bit different. It refers to testing for missile impact ratings, and whether you door could handle an object being shot at it with extreme force. Here’s a visual. Imagine a 2 x 4 piece of wood shot out of a cannon at your door, three times. If it survives with no hole damage larger than 3 inches and is fully operational, then the door receives a stellar Impact Rating. Therefore, the right combination of Impact and Wind rankings will ensure your safety through any storm.

Your Garage Door Ranking

When determining what how your garage door ranks for hurricane standards, first look at your garage door for an identifying sticker. It will include the manufacturer’s name, the model number and design pressures listed. You can contact the manufacturer for information or head to the web for further research. If you cannot find the sticker or it is old and worn, contact a professional garage door company for an inspection.

Types of Reinforced Garage Doors

There are typically two types of reinforcement for garage doors against wind and impact. One is a storm ready system manufactured per the standards. The other is an add-on system that a homeowner can install before a storm and remove once the threat is over. We always recommend the storm-ready manufactured model in that upon installed you are prepared and protected. Furthermore, it offers insulation and added security. These doors are particularly beneficial for vacation and rental homes, and provide the homeowner peace of mind while they are away. Consequently, installing a storm-ready model on your home means you are always prepared. Furthermore, if you are considering upgrading an older door, you could qualify for a tax break!

If you need assistance in figuring out whether your garage door is storm-ready, contact Door Tech for a free evaluation. Our technicians can inspect your door and make recommendations for the best way to keep you and your family safe, no matter what Mother Nature brings your way.