Reasons to Replace your Garage Door Opener

Reasons to Replace Your Garge Door Opener

The garage door opener is one of those thankless home appliances that we rarely think about until it starts acting up. It is a fairly simple mechanism that tends to last for years. Even if yours seems to be working fine, there are many reasons to replace your garage door opener. Newer models offer increased security and convenience. Check out some of the advantages of replacing your garage door opener with a newer model.

Increased Safety

Since 1993, garage door openers have been equipped with a safety reversing mechanism. The feature has sensors that when your door is closing should something pass through, such as a child or pet, the door automatically rises back up. If your garage door was manufactured before 1993, you need to replace for safety reasons.

Quieter Operation

New garage door openers are much more muted than older models. Manufacturers have replaced the old chains with belt drives that are immensely quiet.

Improved Security

We all tend to store valuables in our garage. Studies have shown that the most common point of entry into your home for thieves is your garage door. Protect your family and your possessions with an upgraded garage door opener. New models have rolling codes that burglars cannot duplicate. Or, you can choose options with keylist entries or smart options that link to your personal devices.

Keypad Entry

As we mentioned, keypad entries offer many added safety features. But there are many other convenient attractions. The newest units do not even require a code, but utilize fingerprint detection for operation.

Backup Systems

When you upgrade your garage door opener you never have to worry about power outages. Whether caused by dead batteries or a power surge, new models offer backup battery systems that kick in automatically should you lose electrical power.

Smart Device Connectivity

The latest generation of garage door openers offers wifi and smart device connectivity. These features allow you to receive alerts or unlock your garage door from remote locations. Such garage door openers often come with digital controls that offer fun features such as temperature display, motion sensor lights, and programmed lockdown periods.

Replace Your Garage Door Opener Today

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