Top 5 Reasons for Smart Garage Door Openers

These days, lots of families are making the switch to home automation. With all the convenience and comfort it offers, it’s easy to see why. Today, we’ll look at smart garage door openers and the top 5 reasons you will love this technology.

The beauty is, most smart garage door openers hook right up to your existing garage door opener, so there’s no need to buy a whole new system. They run off your WiFi and use your smartphone, just like any other smart home device. So, installation is a snap!

Reason #1 – Security

When it comes to the biggest entry point to your home, security can be an issue. Having the ability to ensure that the door is closed, even when you’re not home, can bring you real peace of mind. You can open the door, or close it, while you’re away. Don’t leave your stuff exposed to theft or vandalism when you leave your door open!

Some of these smart garage door openers even offer camera options to provide added security.

Reason #2 – Parking Assistance

Lasers are the new tennis balls! Smart garage door openers are equipped with lasers to help you park in your garage. They will turn on automatically as you pull into the garage and guide you into just the right space!

Reason #3 – Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Warnings!

When carbon monoxide builds up in your garage, it’s a dangerous situation. It can be deadly to people in the garage. In fact, it can be lethal to people in the house as well. Smoke and carbon monoxide sensors on your smart garage door opener can alert you when either substance is present. You can then open the door for safety’s sake.

Reason # 4 – Smart Garage Door Openers have Programmed Entry

Having the ability to open the garage door if the kids come home from school early is convenient. Being able to open the door for the trusted handyman comes in handy even when you’re away. Take that a step further and consider that you can program the opening and closing of your garage door regularly as needed. If a neighbor is coming to feed the cat at a specific time each day, you can program the garage door to open at that time.

Reason #5 – Peace of Mind

Perhaps the most significant advantage of owning a smart garage door opener is the peace of mind that it brings. You can check at all times and make sure that your garage door is closed. You can set the system to send a message to your smartphone to alert you when the door is open.

Getting Your Smart Garage Door Openers Installed

If you’re thinking about what a good idea this is, go ahead and take action! Contact us today at Door Tech in Crofton, Maryland, and we will help you convert your garage door opener into a “smart” device! Get your peace of mind, and keep your belongings safe and secure.