Add Curb Appeal With a New Garage DoorA new garage door can go a long way when it comes to curb appeal. At some point, you will want to increase your home’s value either to raise the market valuation or for personal satisfaction. Regardless of your motivation, adding curb appeal is one of the most straightforward alternatives to consider. If you are thinking about the best way to improve your home’s exterior appearance, start with your garage door.

How To Use Your New Garage Door to Improve Your Curb Appeal

As mentioned, a garage door can give your house new value when you get a new one. You can also give your garage door a makeover. When doing a garage door makeover, the final result will depend on factors like the color and materials you chose. Depending on your choice, this is how a garage door can enhance your curb appeal.

Complementing your house design: An upgraded garage door will complete your house’s final appearance, especially when finishing or renovating. The work put into your garage door will go a long way in improving your home’s value. The combination of the color you choose, the material, or your door’s design will add an aesthetic appeal.

Upgrades your house style: An upgrade on your garage door will give your house a modern look. Once again, the garage door offers a refreshing touch to your home depending on the texture, material, color, design, and style.

Restores the original status: As years go by, the good looks of your house can wear out, and you might consider returning its curb appeal. A garage door will offer your home a more polished look. One of the available options is to either replace or repaint your garage door.

Improving the Curb Appeal with a New Garage Door

Luckily, enhancing your curb appeal with a new garage door does not cost much or extensive remodeling. Your options will be mainly defined by budget and needs. However, countless alternatives can suit your needs.

Use Color

Not only does repainting enhance your home’s appeal, the choice of your color matters. Specific colors will always stand out better, especially if you are contrasting with the primary color. Remember, you don’t have to match the color of the garage door to the color of your front door. We recommend you use neutral colors. This way, it doesn’t divert attention away from the façade if your home has a brick or stone front.

Replace Your Garage Door

The garage door is probably the most used in your home; therefore, it wears and tears faster. Even for dormant garage doors, they can lose their appeal and need an upgrade. You can substantially improve the curb appeal by getting a new door. New garage doors offer a guarantee for lasting decades. If you are short on funds for a completely new garage door replacement, consider repainting and repairing.

Adding Lights

Lighting up your garage door is a pivotal touch to add for better curb appeal. Exterior lights can illuminate your garage design while also offering functionality and safety features. It will light up your driveway at night to discourage trespassers. Remember that your lighting choice should complement your home’s exterior colors and style to bring your design together.


Accessorizing your door goes a long way in adding the curb appeal, especially after repainting or replacing. Popular accessories that come with garage doors include handles, sides, and windows, among others. However, there is also the option of accessorizing based on your preference. To enhance an aesthetic appeal, you can always go green by using tall plants or climbing flowers. Furthermore, incorporating trellises, trim, entrances, and pillars above the garage door will draw attention while enhancing the overall design.

Who to Call For Help!

When you want to do a garage door makeover or replace your garage door altogether, call the pros at Door Tech in Gambrills, Maryland. We can help you from your design plans to completion and boost your curb appeal.