6 Tips to Keep Your Garage Secure from Intruders

What do you keep in your garage? Can you afford to lose it? For many of us, your garage door is the largest entryway into your home, and the easiest way to gain entry. How’s your garage security? Let’s look at six ways you can guard against a breach of security through your garage.

1. Secure Your Remote

It’s common practice to leave your garage door remote in your car… often on the visor. When someone breaks into your vehicle, they have access to your entire home if they have your garage door opener. Keep it in your purse, briefcase, or with your keys, and bring it inside with you.

2. Focus on Garage Security – Close Your Garage Door

Leaving your garage door open displays the contents of your garage to all passersby. You don’t want to advertise to thieves. Keep your garage door closed and remember to check to see that it’s closed all the way. This quick check can save you considerable aggravation later.

3. Cover Your Garage Door Windows

Many people love the look of windows in their garage door. Thieves do too! They love to look and see what you’ve got before they go to the trouble of breaking in. When purchasing a new garage door, consider one without windows. If you have windows, consider using frosting or tint to discourage curious thieves. If you have windows in other areas of the garage, consider doing the same.

4. Remove Your Exterior Keypad for added Garage Security

Although you may see it as a convenience, crooks may see it as one too. It’s easy to tamper with an exterior keypad, and your code might be easy to guess. Eliminating this outside access, and bringing the remote inside with you, is a safer way to maintain security and peace of mind.

5. Have Your Garage Door Inspected

If your garage door is showing signs of age, it may be time to have it replaced with a door that offers more security for your home. Door Tech in Gambrills, Maryland, will be happy to come out and do a safety and security check on your garage door and make recommendations for protecting your home. If you would like to have a new door installed, we offer a variety of options for your convenience.

6. Installing a Motion Sensor

When considering upgrades to your home’s security system, you might want to consider installing motion detectors in your garage for two reasons. One, they can scare off an intruder before they have a chance to cause any more trouble. Two, you will be alerted if anyone has entered your garage without your permission.

At Door Tech in Gambrills, Maryland, your safety and security are our greatest concern. Let us `come out and evaluate your garage door, especially if it’s been a while since you did a security check, or if your garage door is older. Contact us today, and we’ll make an appointment to send a technician out soon.