Flipping Houses Optimize Your Property Value

As the trend for flipping houses grows in Maryland, there is more competition. How can you make your property stand out? Did you know that doing exterior improvements can actually make more of a difference than interior remodels?

Weigh Your Investments When Flipping Houses

It’s essential to consider your ROI on all improvements that you make to the house. Some investments you make on enhancements will be worth the money, and some will cost you more than you recoup in the sale. Investing in the curb appeal of the property is a safe bet! You can’t go wrong by fixing up the house so that it has that WOW factor when folks drive up to see it. Here are a few projects that will help you bring some pizzazz to the place:

A Fresh Coat of Paint Will Help Your Flip House to Sell

While in keeping with the neighborhood color scheme, updating the house with a fresh coat of paint will make the house attract attention from the street! Use attractive colors that coordinate with the trim finishes and pull the house together.

Consider a Fence to Frame the Yard

There are a lot of options when it comes to fencing. What kind of image do you want to project to buyers? Is this a “white picket fence” type of house, or do you want to go with something a little less traditional? In any case, a fence is worth considering when it comes to curb appeal when flipping houses.

A New Garage Door is an Instant Upgrade!

Purchasing a high-quality garage door for the house will impress home buyers and contribute to your totally updated, modern look. There are so many beautiful styles, materials, and colors available from which to choose. In addition to adding beauty to the home, it will help with energy efficiency, which any home buyer will appreciate. You can count on recouping almost all your investment with this one upgrade.

Contact Door Tech if you need help selecting an installing a new garage door for your flip house. We will be happy to help you find just the right door to match your investment plans. Call us today and let’s make an appointment to put our heads together!