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Winter Garage Door Opener Repair in Gambrills Maryland

Winter is here! We have already experienced a fair share of snow and freezing temperatures. And along with it, many service calls. Customers are reporting that their garage doors have been finicky or don’t seem to want to work at all! That was the case with this winter garage door opener repair in Gambrills, Maryland. There are specific seasonal garage door issues during the winter. Therefore, resulting in garage doors that seem stuck as the temperatures fall. These homeowners awoke on a frosty morning only to discover that their door would not open.

Bowie, Maryland Service Report

Garages are the ultimate convenience in winter, especially during snowstorms and arctic blasts — no dead batteries or scraping windows. But, when your garage door will not open it sort of defeats the purpose. Throughout the winter our team works down a checklist look for particular issues. Our technician arrived at this home in Gambrills and here is the report of service.

Inspect Threshold for Ice

If there was extreme weather overnight, there is a good chance the Garage door threshold is frozen shut. This is a great place to start in that it is a simple fix: apply heat to melt the ice.

Investigate Metal Parts for Contraction

While in the area inspecting the threshold the technician can check all the metal pieces for contraction. Extreme cold causes metal to contract and hence may cause operational issues.

Frozen Lubrication or Not Enough Lubrication

Concurrently, while looking over the metal pieces, the next item on the list is lubrication. Not enough or frozen grease will undoubtedly cause the door to hesitate while opening.

Examine the Garage Door Remote for Moisture

If the garage is not adequately insulated, it is possible, even in freezing temps for excess moisture to form. If you keep your remote in the car or the garage condensation could build on battery contact, thus interfering with the remote’s power connection.

Check the Sensors for Condensation

As is true with the remote, condensation could form and freeze on your safety sensors. When this occurs, they cannot communicate and will not work.

Appraise Electrical Circuits in Garage Door Opener

Eureka! Problem solved! The technician discovered that the circuit in the garage door opener was malfunctioning. While this is a rare occurrence, it is not surprising. The unit was a little older and was already installed in the home when the homeowners purchased the house. The technician assessed that the component still had some years left and opted to replace the circuit board.

Call the Professionals

If you experience any issues this winter similar to this winter garage door opener repair in Gambrills, Maryland, contact us. You can trust the experienced Door Tech Garage Door Services team. We pride ourselves with reliable, affordable, and honest service.