Give Your Garage a Deep CleaningDo you need to give your garage a deep cleaning? Almost every household garage and I’m going out on a limb here, is in desperate need of deep cleaning.

Let’s face it’s a giant catch-all space for most people. Many households have so many treasures and other junk we’ll call “stuff” that they can’t even park a vehicle in their two-car garage. If this describes you, follow the blueprint we’re going to give you, and you’ll be relieved to have what feels like an astronomical chore behind you finally. You’ll be taking your friends out to see your garage. Take before and after pictures, or your friends may not believe you.

Preparation Pointers

Gather some cleaning supplies. Old towels, gloves, dish soap, Windex, and any other cleaning products you come across will be helpful. You’ll need a broom, garbage bags, some cardboard boxes, some large plastic boxes with lids, and a permanent marker. Hardware for hanging bicycles, kayaks, or other bulky items will keep your garage organized.

Ensure you’re well fed before starting this process and have beverages on hand to stay hydrated and sane.

It’s Time to Give Your Garage a Deep Cleaning

Open the door. Don’t cry. It won’t be as bad as you fear. Now open the garage door. If you are one of the few that can park a car in their garage, pull it out and park it in the street. You’ll need the driveway space to organize your stuff.

Hopefully, you’re not doing this project all by yourself. Either way, you’ll want to designate three areas in the driveway or lawn area available.

  • Keep
  • Donate or Sell
  • Pitch

This is where the rubber meets the road. Have some predetermined guidelines on what you keep. A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it in a year, get rid of it. Donate it to charity unless it’s in terrible shape, and if so, put it in one of the bags for garbage.

Start at the front of the garage, take each item out, and place it in the designated area. There will probably be a few items that you’ll keep either way, but it’s best to ask yourself, “Do I really need this? When was the last time I used this?” When you’re on the fence, ask yourself if someone less fortunate would be grateful to have one of these items.

Keep them if you have tools that get used regularly versus solely the first time you bought them. Have a designated wall with a board to hang smaller tools to reduce clutter. A workbench with a lower shelf can help store some bins for medium-sized tools. Small jars can contain those pesky tiny screws and nails that get scattered around.

Prepping the Garage for a Deep Cleaning

Once you’ve sorted and dusted off the stuff you’re going to put back into your garage, you have a decision to make. What level of cleanliness do you want your garage to be and maintain?

At the very least, start with a thorough sweeping of the floor. Knock the cobwebs off the walls and rafters. Wear a mask since the dust and droppings from critters will have to be in the mix. Grab the hose, a bucket, a stiff broom, and give the walls and floor a thorough washing.

Steps to Finish

Everyone has their style, and the finishing touches for your garage are no different. After you’ve washed the interior down, check the garage floor for possible cracks that you need to fill. Some people like to add an epoxy coating to seal the floor. Painting the walls white can make the garage feel like an extended living space. White walls brighten the space, cost little, and it’s a job that you can complete in a short time.

While the garage is empty, take a good look around to see maintenance issues you should address.

Now to the Good Part

Your garage is showcase-ready. Return the items in your keep pile to carefully chosen areas. Grab yourself a much-deserved libation, and don’t forget to take a picture.