Garage Door Repair in Bowie, MD (Replacing Springs)

Garage Door Repair in Bowie MD Replacing Springs

Garage Door Repair in Bowie, MD (Replacing Springs)

The owners of this home in Bowie, MD contacted Door Tech after hearing a very loud bang in their garage. Upon going out to inspect the source of the noise, they could not find any issues. However, the next morning, when leaving for work, their garage door only opened around 6 inches, then stopped. Additionally, when they tried to lift the garage door manually, they found that it felt cumbersome. However, they were finally able to open it successfully.

Once we arrived at the home an inspected the door we noticed that we could get the door to open, but it was operating in a “jerky” manner. Once it lowered, we also experienced the same issue with it opening only a few inches. Our service technicians understand that many times the reasons a garage door will not operate is a sign of a broken spring. Because garage door openers work using a sensor, they recognize issues and will cease operating, or move slowly as a safety feature.

For this garage door repair in Bowie, MD our technicians indeed discovered a broken spring, as part of a double spring operating system. Because of there being two springs, the door was able to operate, however improperly, and under compromised safety.

Because of the safety issues involved Door Tech always recommends that your springs be replaced by a professional. Additionally, if part of a two-spring system, such as this garage door, we suggest you swap out both springs at the same time. That way there is no extra stress on one spring, plus, you ensure both wears at the same rate. And, what’s more, replacing garage door springs is less expensive than waiting and having to replace the entire door and operating system.

Have you heard an unexplained loud noise in your garage? Is your garage door acting funny? Like this garage door repair in Bowie, MD, you could have a broken spring. Because of the safety implications, you should consider calling in professional help. Contact Door Tech today for an inspection.