Garage Door Spring Replacement Arnold

Recently we were contacted for a garage door spring replacement in Arnold Maryland. The homeowners were concerned that their garage door suddenly seemed sluggish and extremely heavy. We immediately suspected an issue with failing springs, which lose their resiliency over time. Believe it or not, there is a significant difference in weight bearing between new and old springs. For example, with new springs it should take about 10 pounds of force to lift your garage door. When your springs are expiring the power required can leap to around 200 pounds! It is for this reason when we get a call and suspect a spring issue we strongly recommend the homeowner ceases using the garage door at once until we can thoroughly inspect it. After this garage door spring replacement in Arnold, we realized it was vital that we inform our customers of the dangers of diminished springs.

Risk of Springs Breaking

As stated early, your garage door springs bear the weight of opening and closing your door. Some garage doors, especially high-end customs styles, are hefty and very valuable. Should you hear and see that your electric door seems to strain while in operation, contact a professional for a free evaluation. In a worst-case scenario, aging spring doors can snap suddenly and cause the door to slam shut violently. Hence creating a significant safety issue, as well as causing expensive damage.

Safety First!

If you suspect that your garage door springs are expiring or have broken, do not just disconnect the opener by pulling the red emergency release handle if the door is open. Your door may lose control and crash closed. First, call a professional immediately. Next, if it is during the day, leave the door open, and unplug the automatic electric opener, if applicable.

However, if it is the evening and you need to close the door for safety, there are a couple of solutions. Before disconnecting the opener, you may attempt to try to operate it. Be warned though; this could put undue strain on the system. The second option would be to enlist the assistance of 3 or 4 extra strong adults to hold the door while you disconnect the safety, then together you all ease the door closed manually. We warn you that this is only as a last resort, and you must proceed with extreme caution.

Professional or DIY Spring Replacement

Some jobs are best left to the professionals. Replacing garage door springs can be extremely dangerous. Further, it may take an inexperienced person all day to complete. A skilled technician can complete the task in a couple of hours. Plus you can rest assured the project will be completed most safely. Lastly, a professional will always guarantee his work and offer a warranty on parts.

If you suspect an issue, like this garage door spring replacement in Arnold, we urge you to contact Door Tech as soon as possible. Our knowledgeable technicians provide an honest evaluation of your operating system. After a thorough inspection, you can expect a fair estimate.