Is Your Garage Ready for Winter?

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Is Your Garage Ready for Winter? Winters in the Chesapeake are unpredictable. Some days are bitter cold, while others are balmy. For this reason, you must prepare your garage for all sorts of extreme weather. It is imperative. There are simple steps to get your garage ready for winter. These precautions would also be a benefit during the sweltering months as well. What’s more, an insulated garage positively affects the temperatures inside your home, therefore saving money on your energy bills. Replace the Weather Stripping The weather stripping on the bottom of your garage door takes a beating, for sure.

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Garage Door Panel Replacement in Bowie, MD

Garage Door Panel Replacement in Bowie, MD Sometimes when a garage door panel gets damaged you may be able to replace it instead of investing in a whole new door. That is precisely the case with this garage door panel replacement in Bowie, MD. The homeowners contacted Door Tech after their teenage son “accidentally” bumped into the garage and dented one of the panels. They were afraid that they would have to put in an insurance claim to cover the high cost of investing in a new door. Calling a professional to complete a thorough inspection of the door is

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