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Garage Door Panel Replacement in Bowie, MD

Sometimes when a garage door panel gets damaged you may be able to replace it instead of investing in a whole new door. That is precisely the case with this garage door panel replacement in Bowie, MD. The homeowners contacted Door Tech after their teenage son “accidentally” bumped into the garage and dented one of the panels.

They were afraid that they would have to put in an insurance claim to cover the high cost of investing in a new door. Calling a professional to complete a thorough inspection of the door is always the best first step. Upon arriving at the home, the technician examined the damaged panel and then continued to check the integrity of the whole door.

Luckily for the homeowners, the door remained intact. They were relieved to know that only the panel required replacing. The key to repairing a damaged panel is taking care of it as soon as possible to prevent causing further damage. However, like any issue, if you ignore a small problem it will grow. Most factory manufactured doors supply individual replacement panels. The technician checked the make and model of the door and placed an order for the replacement panel. He also advised the homeowners not to use the garage door at all until he returned and fixed it.

Once the part arrived the technician scheduled the appointment to replace the panel. Safety first! The tech needed to disengage the power supply to the garage door opener by unplugging the power cord to the garage door opener. Had the door been an older model the opener may have been hardwired to the fuse box. He then set to work. The entire job only took a couple of hours to complete. What’s more, the door panel luckily matched in color to the rest of the door. If this had not been the case, there is no need to worry! The garage door can easily be repainted so that the repair blends in with the existing door.

If you have experienced an “accident” similar to this garage door panel replacement in Bowie, MD, do not despair! Contact Door Tech today for a free evaluation. Our technician will perform a thorough inspection and determine whether you need to repair or replace your garage door. Schedule your appointment today!