Garage Door Springs – the Two Different Types

The Two Different Types of Garage Door Springs

One of the most essential parts of your garage door and opener are the garage door springs. These parts raise and lower your garage door safely and efficiently every time you press the button or open/close the door. Your springs should be inspected regularly and replaced periodically to ensure your door is always working at its best. There are two main types of springs that your garage door might have: torsion springs and extension springs. Do you know which type your garage door has? Torsion Springs A torsion spring gets its name from the torque created to lift and lower

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Rethinking Garage Organization

Have you looked around your garage lately? Are you thinking of making some changes? Do you need some garage organization? Maybe you’re tired of the clutter and disorganization. Perhaps you just can’t seem to find the one thing you know you put over there. Or maybe you’re ready to convert your garage to a useable man cave, or she-shed. You can start scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration. But first, there are some things to consider when rethinking your garage organization. Assess Your Needs Every garage serves a different purpose. What is the purpose of your garage space? The

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