Malfunctioning Garage Door?

Malfunctioning Garage Door

Most of us don’t really think about our malfunctioning garage door until it doesn’t work. Garage doors have two main components – the door itself and the opener. In this article, we’ll talk about how to make repairs to both of these components when you have a malfunctioning garage door. The Door Itself Overhead garage doors either roll up in sections or swing up in one piece, using a spring mechanism to do the heavy lifting. The door moves along metal tracks using rollers, and a heavy-duty spring provides the lifting muscle. When the door doesn’t open easily, the repairs

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Electric Garage Door Life Expectancy

Maybe you haven’t thought about your electric garage door lately, but every part of your house has an expected lifespan. Most people know that a roof should last thirty years. The exterior paint finish should last about ten years. In comparison, the deck should last about fifteen years. And the water heater should last about ten years. But what about your electric garage door? Estimating an electric garage door’s life span depends on various factors. These factors include the quality of the materials used, the structure of the door, maintenance service, the weather, and even the amount of usage it

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