Spring Seasonal Garage Door Inspection

Garage Door Spring Seasonal Inspection

Using the change in seasons as an indicator to do garage door inspection helps keep you on track and your garage door working as it should. Here are the eight steps to take for your twice-yearly seasonal spring garage door inspection. Watch and Listen When your garage door works properly, it should be quiet and smooth as it moves up and down. Good indicators that something is wrong with the garage door springs are bumpy movements and scraping sounds. If you hear or see anything out of the ordinary, it could be a problem with the cables, pulleys, or springs.

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Garage Door Safety Problems – Don’t Ignore!

Having garage door safety is a great thing… until it isn’t. After the newness of your garage door wears off, it’s essential to pay attention to certain parts of it to catch any potential safety problems that could come up. Here are some garage door safety problems you could find with your garage door that you shouldn’t ignore. Bent or Broken Panels Panels can become bent or broken in many ways. One of your kids might have accidentally kicked a soccer ball into the door. The weather could have caused damage, or somehow a mysterious dent just happened to appear,

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