How to Pick a Garage Door Color that Pops

How to Pick a Garage Door Color that Pops and Still Matches Your Siding

Choosing the right garage door color combination can be challenging. Especially when you want to balance your garage door with your siding. Regardless of the building’s exterior colors, several garage door colors can match it. Depending on the siding/door color combination you choose, it can offer an unexpected pop of color. Overall, the colors you chose should complement your personality and style. Tips for Picking a Garage Door Color that Can Match with the Siding Picking a garage door color that will bring out the best look for a house is a task. However, with the following tips, you are

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Preventing Sun Damage and Fading

The amount of sunlight your garage door gets the more sun damage it can cause. The color fades and the coating degrades and becomes thinner over time. Furthermore, if you have a southward or westward-facing garage, the exposure will cause further damage. However, the material you chose for your garage door goes a long way in reducing the damage caused by sunlight. Therefore, wood and vinyl garage doors are the most widely used. What is the Best Material to Prevent Sun Damage and Fading? As a homeowner, you have a choice between wood and vinyl garage doors. This is how

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