Help My Garage Door JammedNothing is more frustrating than a jammed garage door when you want to go in or out of your garage. Maybe you just got back from shopping, and the weather is terrible. You just want to get into your garage. Or, perhaps you are late for an appointment and can’t get out of your garage because the door jammed. Both situations can be stressful and frustrating.

So, what can you do?

Regardless of the reason, prompt attention, or repair, is necessary to prevent the problem from getting worse or reoccurring. Call Door Tech now, and we’ll send a professional technician to your home.

Easy Fixes For A Jammed Garage Door

Finding the reason a garage door jammed can be tricky. Is there an obstruction, or is there a mechanical issue? Is there a broken spring or bent rails?

The cause of your jammed garage door could be something as simple as a rock, a shovel or broom handle, or a loose screw. Check to see if anything is blocking the door tracks. If you find an object, remove it. If it’s a loose screw, tighten it. This is easy and a quick fix in most cases.

Many people are surprised to learn a locked garage door is a common cause of what they think is a garage door jam. Some doors have a “full lock” by turning the outside handle. You can lock the door outside by turning the handle. A quick check of the handle may solve the problem.

What To Look For If Your Jammed Garage Door

There are numerous things to look for if your garage door jammed. If nobody locked the door and nothing obvious was obstructing the track, it’s time to look elsewhere.

There are multiple moving parts to a garage door. Take a visual assessment of all the components to see if anything looks broken or off track. Some problems may be apparent. Others may be more difficult to see. If it’s an easy fix, you’re in luck. If not, call Door Tech and leave the heavy lifting to us.

More Challenging Fixes For Your Garage Door

Garage doors have two types of springs. The first type is a horizontal spring at the top of the garage door called a torsion spring. Broken torsion springs will show a gap between the springs. You’ll find the extension springs on the side of a garage door. Trouble signs with extension springs include seeing a piece hanging at the side of your door.

Broken springs are dangerous and best repaired or replaced by a licensed professional.

Garage doors use rollers on both sides when moving up and down. If the rollers are stuck or out of the track, the door will not move. The problem can be easy to spot but isn’t always easy to fix.

Look at the tracks. If they are bent, you may be able to bend them back into shape gently. If they are damaged or broken, you will need professional help to repair them. Garage doors are heavy. If a door is off track and you have someone else to help you guide it back into the track, you might be able to make this repair yourself.

Garage doors use a cable connected to a pulley to lift them physically. In the case of a broken cable, the garage door will not move. Replacing a cable is a common and relatively easy garage door repair.

Jammed garage doors can be frustrating, but we are here to help. A seasoned DIY person may be able to fix the problem, but having an unstable garage door is a hazard. For complete peace of mind, leave this job to a licensed contractor. Door Tech is your professional go-to source for any garage door problems. We’re licensed professionals with decades of garage door experience. Give us a call today.