Garage Doors With vs. Without WindowsShould you buy a garage door with or without windows? Maintaining the exterior of your home can mean many things. For some, it means keeping up on basic lawn maintenance or planting beautiful annual flowers. For others, exterior maintenance means intricate gardens, elaborate fountains, and arborvitaes trimmed to look like chess pieces. And for still others, that maintenance means an exterior paint color that changes with the trends, a brightly-colored front door, or agonizing over whether or not to install a garage door with or without. Does any of this sound familiar? Well, if you’re the kind who is worried about their garage door, we’re here to tell you that it’s okay to stop agonizing!

Pure Aesthetics

Most often, when homeowners are considering a garage door with windows, they’re thinking about curb appeal and their personal aesthetics over other practical considerations.

They are versatile, can be matched to the other windows and doors of your home (with grids, the color of glass, etc.), and can give your garage door a more welcoming look to match the rest of your home. Windows are also currently “on-trend” in today’s Real Estate market and might draw more interest when and if you try to sell your home.

On the other hand, windowless garage doors can look more sleek and stately than those with. Generally, people with a more classic and timeless personal taste choose garage doors without windows due to their clean and polished appearance. If you don’t think you’ll be selling your home anytime soon, a garage door sans windows might be an excellent choice for you to avoid any trend clashing in the future.

Thinking Practically

Of course, it’s impossible to discuss choosing the right garage door without at least considering practical considerations, such as the cost and logistics of installation.

Did you know that garage doors with windows can require a different lifting system than a garage door without windows? Suppose you already have a lifting system installed in your home that is non-compatible with a garage door with windows. In that case, you may need to budget money to adapt your current lifting system.
You’ll also want to consider if natural light is essential to you or not. Obviously, suppose your garage door doesn’t have windows. In that case, that will drastically reduce the amount of natural light that your inner garage will receive. For those of you who use your garage as a workshop or office, the lack of natural light might be a dealbreaker, and make windows your only option.

Garage doors with windows might also provide a security or privacy concern. Most garage door windows are far too small for a person to fit inside. Still, they are glass, they’re generally transparent and easily breakable. That said, many manufacturers use glass with a reflective or frosted coating to mitigate any privacy or security risks.

So, Windows or No Windows?

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives understand the ups and downs of every garage door we install. We’ll be happy to help you make the decision that works best for you, your aesthetic, and your goals. Contact us today for an estimate to get the garage door of your dreams!