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Garage Door Opener Repair in Bowie, MD

We received a call from these homeowners in Bowie, MD that their garage door was not working. One of our technicians was dispatched to investigate. The homeowners were anxious that their entire garage door would need replacing, which is a costly expense. We reassured them that we would inspect the whole door and mechanisms involved, locate the issue and directly address it.

Upon arriving at the home, we examined the garage door. We determined that the springs were in excellent condition and the door was not out of alignment. The door was also able to open manually without incident. This led us to believe the issue was not with the door itself, but with the garage door opener.

Next, we checked the circuit breaker to make sure the power had not tripped off. Everything there checked out ok. We also tried resetting the opener, to no avail. Therefore, we resolved that the garage door opener was the culprit. Once we examined the unit, we saw that the nylon gears were stripped. Repairing a garage door opener can become expensive, especially if the after replacing worn parts, other issues arise. Since it was out of warranty, we suggested replacing it with a new unit.

For this garage door opener repair in Bowie, MD, we disused the variety of models of openers,  and found one to fit the homeowner’s needs and budget. Replacing the unit took no time at all, and the homeowners were relieved and thankful.

If you are experiencing issues similar to this garage door opener repair in Bowie, MD please contact the professionals at Door Tech. You can trust that we will perform a thorough examination. Our goal is to provide the best service, not to sell you anything that you do not need. Our team is proud of our stellar customer service record. Schedule an appointment today!