Easy Ways to Insulate Your Garage for the Summer

Easy Ways to Insulate Your Garage for the Summer

As Summer approaches and the warm weather can make your garage feel like a furnace. let’s take a minute and look at one of the easiest DIY projects around… installing garage door insulation! It will cost you around $200 if you’re insulating two garage doors. Adding insulation to your garage door can turn your garage into usable space and make it easier to tolerate during seasons of extreme weather. What Types of Insulation Can You Use on Garage Doors? Foam Board Insulation – Panels Made from polystyrene will yield high insulating value, and don’t have to be especially thick. You

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Flipping Houses? Optimize Your Property Value!

Flipping Houses Optimize Your Property Value

As the trend for flipping houses grows in Maryland, there is more competition. How can you make your property stand out? Did you know that doing exterior improvements can actually make more of a difference than interior remodels? Weigh Your Investments When Flipping A House It’s essential to consider your ROI on all improvements that you make to the house. Some investments you make on enhancements will be worth the money, and some will cost you more than you recoup in the sale. Investing in the curb appeal of the property is a safe bet! You can’t go wrong by

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Upgrade Your Garage Door, It is Worth It!

Upgrade your Garage Door, It is Worth it

Upgrade Your Garage Door, It is Worth It! Homeowners are always seeking ways to improve their house with simple, affordable, and worthwhile investments. To put it plainly home improvements elevate your quality of living. And there are many reasons to invest in upgrades for your home: Update the Look Increased Home Value Improve Functionality Better Efficiency Enhanced Security and Safety No matter your reason for renovations you will more than likely have considered your return on investment. Making the most of your money is paramount. Experts recommend many home improvement upgrades, especially for the bathroom or kitchen. However, you can

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Garage Spring Cleaning in Bowie, MD

Garage Spring Cleaning in Bowie featured image

Garage Spring Cleaning in Bowie, MD Garages are one of the most commonly used areas in a home. However, they are often the most cluttered. While parking is supposed to be the primary function, it seems most Americans are unable to park their cars in their garage. A good spring cleaning can clear out the clutter and organize your space. What’s more, it offers the opportunity for garage door maintenance, which ensures your home will be safe and protected from fierce summer storms. Need inspiration? Check out this garage spring cleaning in Bowie, MD, and follow these tips! Tip #1

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Examples of High-End and Custom Garage Door Styles

Examples of High-End and Custom Garage Door Styles featured image

Examples of High-End and Custom Garage Door Styles We all know that first impressions mean everything. And, as the saying goes, “you may never get another time to make a first impression.” This is why your home’s curb appeal is so crucial. And, did you realize that in modern home design the garage can take up to 30 percent of your facade? While garage doors may not seem the most exciting aspect of design, they should not be overlooked as insignificant. However, a tasteful garage door is worth every penny. Perhaps the front of your house has beautiful custom stonework, or

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Is Your Garage Ready for Winter?

Is Your Garage Ready for Winter featured image

Is Your Garage Ready for Winter? Winters in the Chesapeake are unpredictable. Some days are bitter cold, while others are balmy. For this reason, you must prepare your garage for all sorts of extreme weather. It is imperative. There are simple steps to get your garage ready for winter. These precautions would also be a benefit during the sweltering months as well. What’s more, an insulated garage positively affects the temperatures inside your home, therefore saving money on your energy bills. Replace the Weather Stripping The weather stripping on the bottom of your garage door takes a beating, for sure.

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Garage Door Panel Replacement in Bowie, MD

Garage Door Panel Replacement in Bowie Featured Image

Garage Door Panel Replacement in Bowie, MD Sometimes when a garage door panel gets damaged you may be able to replace it instead of investing in a whole new door. That is precisely the case with this garage door panel replacement in Bowie, MD. The homeowners contacted Door Tech after their teenage son “accidentally” bumped into the garage and dented one of the panels. They were afraid that they would have to put in an insurance claim to cover the high cost of investing in a new door. Calling a professional to complete a thorough inspection of the door is

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Garage Door Opener Repair in Bowie, MD

DT Garage Door Opener Featured Image

Garage Door Opener Repair in Bowie, MD We received a call from these homeowners in Bowie, MD that their garage door was not working. One of our technicians was dispatched to investigate. The homeowners were anxious that their entire garage door would need replacing, which is a costly expense. We reassured them that we would inspect the whole door and mechanisms involved, locate the issue and directly address it. Upon arriving at the home, we examined the garage door. We determined that the springs were in excellent condition and the door was not out of alignment. The door was also able

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Garage Door Repair in Bowie, MD (Replacing Springs)

Garage Door Repair in Bowie MD Replacing Springs

Garage Door Repair in Bowie, MD (Replacing Springs) The owners of this home in Bowie, MD contacted Door Tech after hearing a very loud bang in their garage. Upon going out to inspect the source of the noise, they could not find any issues. However, the next morning, when leaving for work, their garage door only opened around 6 inches, then stopped. Additionally, when they tried to lift the garage door manually, they found that it felt cumbersome. However, they were finally able to open it successfully. Once we arrived at the home an inspected the door we noticed that we

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Simple Holiday Decorating Tips for Your Garage Door

Garage door decorations featured image

Simple Holiday Decorating Tips for Your Garage Door   Nothing is more welcoming to your friends and family than a holiday greeting as they pull up to your house. Decorating your garage door could be a cost-effective way to spruce up your home’s exterior. Only a few stylish touches can be enough to make your house stand apart! Here are some holiday decorating tips for your garage door that are certain to “WOW” your neighbors and add festive curb appeal to your home. Wrap It Up A simple bow makes a grand statement, and nothing says the holidays like a

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Should You Repair or Replace Your Garage Door?

should you replace featured

Should You Repair or Replace Your Garage Door? Is your garage door making a funny sound? Does it seem heavy all of a sudden? Are the panels damaged or well worn? While there are many reasons to replace your garage door , you may be surprised to discover many issues only require repairing. Here are some tips on whether you should repair or place your garage door. REPAIR Door Suddenly Stops Working First, check the remote batteries. You may then want to call a service technician who can diagnose the problem. Many homeowners find it difficult to troubleshoot, as there is

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7 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door

7 reasons to replace your garage door featured

7 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Replacing your garage door is one of the easiest ways to give your home a face-lift. When you consider that your garage door accounts for 20-50% of your home’s front exterior, it makes perfect sense. If you are not driven by the pure aesthetic result, there are other significant reasons to replace your garage door. Benefits range from increased safety to energy efficiency. Overworked Springs The springs on your garage door are under high tension through normal operation. You may not even realize that they are in need of repair or replacing.  Don’t

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Ways to Enjoy Your Garage This Summer

ways to use your garage this summer featured

Ways to Enjoy Your Garage This Summer Now that Spring cleaning is over you can finally make the most of your garage. Garages can easily end up being the hottest room of the house due to poor insulation and being cut off from the main air conditioning system. If you are planning on spending a lot of time in your garage you will first want to consider adding some climate control. Last May we offered some handy tips on How to Climate Control Your Garage for the Summer and they remain a wonderful place to start. Now that the garage’s

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Add Curb Appeal with a Garage Door Makeover

garage door makeover featured

Add Curb Appeal with a Garage Door Makeover Your garage door makes a huge first impression to onlookers. What’s more, in today’s popular blueprint designs the garage often takes up most of the street frontage. But, there are ways to take advantage of this. Wondering if it is time to give your garage door a makeover? Here are tips for giving your garage door a make-over. Color Choose colors that compliment the overall look of your home. For instance, if your home is stone, add a subtle contrast by pulling out the lightest or darkest tone featured throughout. Or the

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Spring Cleaning Your Garage

Spring Cleaning your Garage Featured

Don’t forget your garage when you are doing this year’s Spring Cleaning! Warmer weather brings the need to get to those gardening tools and bikes. It may even be time to put away the holiday decorations? With these space saving tips you can make the most out of the space in your garage, while possibly removing an unsightly mess. Instead of waiting to clean out the garage last, consider doing it first. By cleaning and organizing your garage first, you can create a much more usable storage space. Opening up space in your garage will be very useful when organizing the

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Keep your Garage Door Operating this Winter

Anne Arundel County typically suffers a few stiff winter months. With an unpredictable array of weather patterns a Marylander can be exposed too, it is important to keep your garage door operating properly during the winter months. Cold weather is especially hard on a garage door’s moving parts and motor. Tracks are not as flexible, rollers tend to seize, and batteries tend to drain faster on our openers. Door Tech Garage Door Services offers you a few tips on how to ensure that your garage door continues to operate this winter. Test your door. If your door is opening slower

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How to Test Your Own Garage Door Springs

how to test your own garage door springs

How to Test Your Own Garage Door Springs Did you know that your garage door springs will let you know when they are ready to be replaced? Here is a quick way to test whether the springs on your garage door are ready to be maintained or replaced. First release the door from the Opener. This is commonly done by pulling the red handled emergency release cord. Next open and close your door manually a few times. Did your springs squeal or whine? Did you hear any squeaking noises? If so, your springs need to be lubricated. Door Tech Garage

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6 Other Ways to Use Your Garage

Repair Garage Doors Bowie Maryland

Converting your garage is a great option if you want to expand the amount of space in your house, without the stress of building an addition. These six other ways to use your garage briefly sum up the most popular alternate uses for a garage. Some conversions can be used seasonally, then switched back to a garage when you need it. Others are a much more permanent change.

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Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door

Reasons to Replace Your Garage Doors

Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Interested in adding lasting curb appeal to your home? Are you concerned about reducing heating and cooling costs? Would you like to add an extra measure of security to your home? There are many reasons to replace your garage door. A new garage door is a sure investment that a homeowner will reap the benefits from for years to come. Better curb appeal Gone are the days of standard, bland garage doors. Your garage door is usually located in the very from of your home. A new door is a perfect opportunity to add

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